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Patience Jonathan's attitude contributed to GEJ's defeat-PDP Chief

Bayelsa State publicity secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mr. Osom Makbere, has said President Goodluck Jonathan lost the March 28 presidential election due to international and domestic conspiracies..In an interview with Punch, the lawyer said
“History has stated that no failure, defeat or loss is a product of a single factor. Jonathan’s loss could be blamed on a multiplicity of interwoven causes.

“Jonathan was a victim and target of international cum domestic esoteric codes and conspiracies. On the international level, the passage of the anti-gay legislation led to criticisms and face-off with the US, and the West.

“The strides made in the economic sphere, especially domestic rice promotion, calculated by the Jonathan administration to flip economic growth, and boost import substitution, also negatively alerted the West. The shift to China for our railway transformation, and recently, the migration to Russia for arms and ammunition to quelling the insurgency also signalled to the West that Jonathan had started constituting a self-reliant and dependent nation-state, a feat seen too tall by the US and their allies in the West.

“The aforesaid international factors found room to flourish given the obstinacy and impudence on the part of Mrs. Jonathan. The end result of her personal ambition to plant ‘self-made’ governors triggered face-offs with some governors.”
On APC , he said
“I can tell you that this APC will be worse than the PDP as there is already imminent fear of implosion. “In Kano, for instance, the APC got all 40 constituencies. This meant that none of the PDP candidates were popular enough to emerge but, the PDP maintained their calm and stoicism.

“We do not know what the APC wants. Whenever they win, the PDP congratulates them, but whenever the PDP wins, the APC would induce the election observers and the electoral officers to call for a re-run or cancellation. That is the zenith of desperation.”

Pastor Dupes Lady Of Her N4m After Promising Her Marriage

Wonders shall never end. A 32-year-old cleric, Pastor Abel Benard Aniude of Trimphant Kings Assembly, Enugu, has been nabbed by police detectives for allegedly duping a 25-year-old lady, Ojiaku Chiamaka of N4 million.

The pastor was said to have wooed Chia­maka on facebook in December 2013 and promised her marriage. Using preparations for the marriage as a bait, he alleg­edly swindled the lady over N4m.

Pastor's Confession:

Giving details of what transpired between him and Chiamaka, Pastor Aniude told Saturday Sun: “I am an Assistant Pas­tor with Triumphant Kings Assembly. I have been in ministry for five years now. I am jobless.

“I met Chiamaka on facebook in Decem­ber, 2013. I promised to marry her. Then, she started sending money to my bank account in Enugu. I visited her at Ibadan twice and collected the sum of N1million from her.”

“I have to send my wife away with my two kids from my house to Aba. When I told my wife that I wanted to marry a second wife but she refused, that prompted me to send her packing.

“I used part of the money Chiamaka was sending to buy a car and built a bungalow in my village at Nochele Ndeaboli in Aliri Local Government Area, Enugu State.

“I deceived her that I wanted to marry her on Christmas day, December 25, 2014. I also lied to her that I had a motor accident. I rescheduled it for February 14, 2015. I lied to her again that armed robbers attacked me. I rescheduled it for Easter period, April 4, 2015 before the police anti-kidnappers squad arrested my wife, my Pastor Sam Ezenagu before I was arrested”.

Victim Recounts Ordeal
In her own account of the scam, Chiam­aka explained: “I met Pastor Abel Bernard Aniude on facebook in December 2013 and we started chatting on facebook. Pastor Abel deceived me that he wanted to marry me. I worked in the shop of my brother, Emmauel Ojiaku who sells electronics in Ibadan. I started to send N700,000 and N300,000 to Pastor Abel through his UBA and Diamond account numbers.

“In July 2014, Pastor Abel came to Ibadan and lodged in a hotel and after hav­ing sex with me, I gave him N300,000. Also on September, 2014, Pastor Abel came to Ibadan and lodged again in same hotel and after having sex me, I gave him N700,000. I don’t known how I ended up sending N4 million into his bank accounts.”

She pleaded that her brother should forgive her. “My family should forgive me. I was deceived. I have learnt my lesson in a hard way”, she cried.

The pastor was arrested by police detectives at his No 42 Odudukoko street, Gariki Awku­nanaw, Enugu State on April 13 following complaints filed by the victim.

Obasanjo Speaks: Leaders are happy Buhari defeated Jonathan

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has revealed that countries across the African continent are happy over the outcome of the presidential election in Nigeria, which saw the defeat of incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan by the APC wind of change led by General Muhammadu Buhari.

Obasanjo said his checks in a number of African countries suggested they were as happy over the result of the election as majority of Nigerians are.
He referred to Goodluck Jonathan as a moving train who was providentially stopped from collapsing Nigeria. 
In his words: “I have visited six countries since the election, they are as happy about the results as we are in Nigeria. It is good not only for Nigeria, it is good for Africa and I believe it is good for the world.”

Obasanjo, who led the African Union Observation Mission to the April 2015 General Election in Sudan, spoke on Thursday at a Washington DC event.

The former president described Nigeria as a country that obsessively plays “a dangerous game of moving close to the precipice”.

He said the country came close to disintegration in the run-up to the 2015 elections but switched swiftly to the path of redemption after the polls. “I hope we will not fall over one of these days,” he said.

Describing his role in the election as that of a person standing on the track of a moving train, Obasanjo said during the countdown to the elections, he faced the option of “jumping off” the tracks or “be crushed” if the train did not providentially get “derailed and stop.”

He said he did not jump and was not crushed adding that “at every stage, there must be leaders imbued with sufficient courage and will to stand firm when you have to stand firm.”

He described the results of the elections as what Nigerians “deserve”!

Shocking Story of How a 'Naval Officer’ Conned and Lured Woman into Sham Wedding

A man who claimed to be an officer of the Nigerian Navy is currently enmeshed in what could best be described as a fraudulent marriage.

The man identified as Edward Benosa and who claimed to be attached to NNS Apapa, Lagos, wedded a lady (name withheld) in a Catholic church in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State in June 2014 while his first marriage was still intact.

Edward, it was gathered, allegedly tricked the woman in question to foot the bills of the wedding after he reportedly showed her  a post- dated cheque of N1 million with which he claimed he intended to refund the expenses incurred by the lady.

Sunday Sun gathered that the naval officer met the lady in 2013 through a friend and they dated until
the lady became pregnant early in 2014.The lady who was a youth corps member as at the time they met, a reliable source explained, was also into business.
“Along the line, a lady started calling her on phone telling her to leave her husband but she took it as one of those things, thinking the caller was Edward’s ex-girlfriend. When he confronted Edward with it, he allegedly swore with his life that he had never been married and neither did he have any child,” the source disclosed.
Not pleased with his explanation, the lady demanded to meet his parents, a demand Edward acceded to.
 “When they got to Lagos, the guy took her to Iba. On getting there, she saw the guy’s mother living with four children. She asked whose children they were and he told her that the children were his sister’s children. 
They later retired to a hotel room where the guy lodged her and the lady asked him if he doesn’t have a house in Lagos. He responded by telling her that he lived in the same apartment with his mother but he could not lodge her there because he didn’t want his mother to see him camping a lady he had not married formally in his room because his mother knew him to be a pious person. 
The lady said at that point she began to suspect that something was fishy. She said anytime she went to his mother’s house alone the children were always at liberty to play around but immediately Edward stepped in they would disappear. 
She later decided to ask the mother whose children they were. Shockingly, the mother, who had earlier lied about the children, later said they were Edward’s children few weeks before the wedding. She told the woman that her son told her that the children were his sister’s. Then the mother reportedly told her not to be bothered about the children since Edward didn’t formally marry their mother and since the children were not going to live with them after their wedding.
When her pregnancy was four –months-old, Edward was said to have mooted the idea of getting the pregnancy terminated to the lady on the ground that he was financially handicapped at the period, a suggestion the lady kicked against because, according to her, the suggestion was against her faith.

According to the source, Edward claimed that his salary and other allowances were being withheld by the Nigerian Navy along with some other naval personnel for their refusal to embark on a military assignment.
“Edward later told her to look for money so that they could get married. He showed her a cheque of N1 million, which he claimed was given to him by his boss. The cheque, he said, would mature after the wedding and the lady would be able to recoup the expenses she incurred on the wedding. So they fixed a June, 2014 date for the wedding.
The lady, it was gathered, later secured a N500,000 loan from a bank with the intention of repaying the loan when the cheque matures after the wedding.

Curiously, Sunday Sun learnt that the lady was always responsible for Edward’s transport fares to and fro Enugu, his hotel bills and other expenses based on the understanding that his salaries were being withheld.

As preparations for the marriage approached its crucial stage, they were given Marriage Ban, a document would-be couple is expected to fill and sign with which the announcement of their proposed union would be made in their respective churches, but Edward refused to sign the document in his church in Lagos.

Sensing the implication of Edward’s refusal to sign the document the lady alongside Edward decided to make a private arrangement and got the document signed.

Since they had both agreed that the church wedding and the traditional wedding would hold on same day, Edward, who had repeatedly dodged the lady’s request to take her to his village in Delta State claiming he could not guarantee the safety of her pregnancy should she insist on visiting his village, succeeded in deceiving her.
“She wanted to go to his village but he said because she was pregnant. Let me use his language, “there are many witches in my village and I don’t want them to kill your unborn baby” so the lady did not travel to his village. 
But when the man gave the name of his village in Delta State as Uzoro Village, the lady sent her younger brother to help her locate the said village. Her younger brother was said to have travelled to Delta State but could not locate the village within the local government area he was told the village was situated. 
Before the wedding, they went to buy souvenirs and then returned to the hotel where Edward lodged. Then his phone rang but unfortunately for the guy, he was in the bathroom. So the lady had enough time to copy and save the number, she did not pick the call. When Edward returned, she told him to pick his call but he refused, claiming that the person calling him was a customer he was helping in clearing some goods, the source informed.
The lady, it was learnt, later called the number and the receiver would only compound her fear and suspicion.
 “When she called the number the receiver said, ‘I have been waiting for you. I am currently living with Edward and we have three children. I am your Ibo sister from Imo State. Why are you doing this to your sister?’ She told her to ask Edward if what she said was untrue and to request Edward to take her to where he lived and where his belongings were,” the source said.
When confronted with the allegation, Edward, it was gathered denied having any wife or children saying, the caller was one of his ex-girl friends.
“The lady later confronted Edward’s mother with the same allegation but she also denied that his son was married to any woman. With this you can understand that the mother was also part of the whole fraudulent plan,” the source disclosed further.
A day to the wedding, Edward, Sunday Sun learnt, arrived with only his shirt and jeans trousers without any bag. The lady who was dumbfounded hurriedly went out with him and bought his suit along with that of his younger brother, who was the best man.

The lady who had expected that their wedding ceremony would be graced by naval personnel was further shocked as no naval personnel showed up at the wedding.
“As I am speaking to you the lady doesn’t know if the guy is truly a naval officer because the usual sword crossing which is a part of the ceremony when military officers are getting married did not take place during their wedding. 
On the wedding day, the mother came with four other guests. They finished the church wedding and went to her village for the traditional wedding and the following day, which was a Sunday, they went for thanksgiving. And on the next day, which was Monday, Edward returned to Lagos. 
Shortly after Edward returned to Lagos he started admitting that he was already married and that he has children. The woman who called her earlier also called back to taunt her, saying ‘I told you that you shouldn’t go ahead to marry him (Edward) and that he is my husband,” the source said.
Sunday Sun gathered that the lady was delivered of a baby boy in January but Edward had failed to live up to his responsibility as he was said to have abandoned the lady and her child.

But when contacted, Edward insisted that he is a naval officer but denied having been married to two other women before his marriage to the lady.
“It is not true that I have been married twice. I only married once before my marriage to her (the lady),” he said.
While expressing regrets over what he called a mistake on his part, Edward said the lady failed to yield to his advice that the pregnancy be terminated.
“The only mistake I made is that I went for the wedding, “ Edward lamented.

Rochas Okorocha, Ikpeazu Win Imo & Abia Governorship

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has been declared the winner of the Imo State Governorship election after a re-run on Saturday. He won in 20 out of the 23 LGAs in Imo; polling 31,326 votes. His total vote tally stood at 416,996 votes out of the total 806,764 votes cast in the election.

Trailing Rochas was Ihedioha of the PDP who polled 320,705 votes and Emmanuel Ihenacho of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) who came a distant third with 28,434 votes.

In neighbouring Abia State, INEC declared the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Okezie Ikpeazu, the winner of the Abia State governorship election. Mr Ikpeazu polled 264,713 to defeat the candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, Alex Otti, who polled 180,882 votes.

The result was declared in the early hours of Sunday after the supplementary election of Saturday.

Actress Anne Njemanze Runs for Dear Life as her 2nd Marriage Crashes

How a man would raise his hand and beat a woman he once swore to forever protect, not just once but severally, even up to a point of causing her brutal body pain, still baffles me till tomorrow.

According to reports by inside sources, Nollywood actress Anne Njemanze's second marriage to hubby Silver Ojieson has crashed. And domestic violence is reportedly the cause. Though sources obviously on Silver's side say the marriage crashed because of Anne's lifestyle. They allege that she refused to drop the lifestyle she picked up from 10 years of living as a single woman, after her marriage with actor Segun Arinze crashed in 2003.

Both parties however, all agree that the marriage has ended. Silver actually moved out of Ann's home
July last year.

Sources obviously on Silver' side say Ann allegedly kept late nights, drank too much and clubbed a lot. A lifestyle that Mr Ojieson who lives a quiet life could not continue with. While some other sources added that Anne might have been under pressure to have child for Ojieson who is said to be the only son.

When Nigeriafilms contacted the actress, she was reluctant to speak and was very cautious if the reporter was her husband's friend. She had reportedly queried:

"Who are you? Or are you a friend to my husband? Let me understand." When it was clear to her that it was just a journalist, she simply said:

"Well, really I don't care for these things and little gossips." Other questions that was directed to her, didn't get any response.

On the other hand, other sources alleged the cause of the crash was the frequent beatings Anne received from Silver. Beatings so severe that she was left injured and hiding. Things got to a stage she even suffered a dislocated shoulder. Their home in Lagos was filled with cries of fighting and serious beatings literally every morning and night.

Ann and lecturer, Silver Ojieson who is younger than her, got married in 2013 and when she was asked in an interview back then in 2013 whether she was afraid that her 2nd marriage might crash again, Ann had said:

"No! I reject it. Me and Silver have our differences, just like other couples do, but it is not enough to say, we no do again. Before we got married, we told ourselves that divorce and separation are no option. I thank Segun Arinze!! Without him I wouldn't have met my Silver.''Anne has since gone back to bearing her maiden name on Facebook and changed her relationship status from ''Married''.

Mercy Johnson & husband looking lovely at their son's dedication

Mercy Johnson Okojie and her hubby looked lovely in their attires as they attended their son, Prince Henry Okojie's dedication in church this morning. See another photo after the cut..

Photo credit: Make-up artist @Jojostouch

John Fashanu claims wife (Adaeze Yobo's mum) tried to kill him after accusing him of threesome

In 2011, former footballer John Fashanu married Abigail Igwe, Adaeze's mother (read here) fast forward to 2015 and John, 52, claims Abigail tried to kill him after she found him having a threesome

UK Mirror reports
Soccer legend John Fashanu has accused his wife of trying to kill him – after she allegedly found him bedding two women at the same time. The retired former Wimbledon and England striker said estranged Abigail Onyekwelu went for him with a knife during a furious row at their home.
Fashanu, also a former Gladiators host, is now at the centre of a bitter divorce battle with Abigail – and insists she cheated on him with a woman. She denies his claims and the ­astonishing battle – which includes the ­accusation that he bedded their maid – is to be played out in the high court in Abuja, Nigeria.
Furious Abigail, 48, said last night: “Good riddance to bad rubbish! I’ve left him and washed my hands.”

But Fashanu, 52 – dubbed Fash the Bash for his hardman reputation in Wimbledon’s famous “Crazy Gang” – hit back with an extraordinary series of allegations.
He said he had to call in police to protect him from knife-wielding Abigail and was devastated to find her in bed with another woman.

He also alleged that she stole thousands of pounds in cash from their marital home.
Speaking exclusively to the Sunday People the star – who now presents the Nigerian version of TV’s Deal or No Deal – said: “She attempted to use knives on me. It was terrifying.
“My life was at stake, there’s no two ways about that.
“Even if you did think I was sleeping with the maid, or even if you thought I was sleeping with Miss Nigeria, don’t kill me! Just leave me and go. The ­violence was just too much.”

6ft 2in Fashanu added: “My life was at risk and I didn’t want it to happen again. That’s why I filed for divorce.”
He denied his wife’s claim to have discovered him in bed with two other women – one of them their maid.
“I’ve been very fortunate to date some of the most beautiful women in the world,” Fash insisted. “I certainly don’t have to sleep with my cleaner!
“This is me, John Fashanu, you’re talking to. It’s absolute nonsense. If she wants to make up that ­story, at least let her say it’s Beyoncé or someone.
“Don’t say it’s my cleaner, that’s just b******s. It’s not true at all.
“The truth is she’s been cheating on me with a woman she calls her spiritual partner.
“I caught them in the bed many times. That was why I kicked her out of my house.”

Abigail is the mother of former beauty queen Adaeze Yobo. Fashanu met her in 2009. They married two years later but the relationship hit the skids last year.

Father-of-five Fashanu claimed police are now investigating an attack on him. He also ­alleged that officers are trying to retrieve missing cash from Abigail.

He said: “I’m the one who is filing for divorce. I couldn’t stand her and, to be honest, she probably couldn’t stand me. With Abigail it was just money, money, money.
“I’ve never seen a woman who has such an appetite for money. Nearly one million Nigerian naira (around £3,300) was stolen from my house in Abuja. There are police reports you can see.
“There were so many assaults, it was just getting too much. It was absolutely ridiculous. She attacked me on multiple occasions. The whole situation was far too hot for me. There are some wonderful, wonderful women. It’s just that I met the wrong one.”

Glamorous socialite Abigail, a ­qualified lawyer and mother-in-law to former Nigerian football captain Joseph Yobo, paints a totally different picture of the marriage breakdown.

The mother of four said: “John’s saying I tried to kill him? Oh my God, this is so funny. I don’t quite ­understand all this.
“How can I kill him? How can ­somebody like me kill this huge man who is an expert in karate. I don’t ­understand how I can kill him.”
Told that he had accused her of going to his house armed with knives before trying to attack him, Abigail retorted: “Oh my God, that is ridiculous.”
She also rejected Fashanu’s claim that he threw her out of his house
after finding her in bed with another woman.

Abigail said: “He didn’t kick me out of his house. We were living in my house. He couldn’t have kicked me out of my own house – I kicked him out.”

Of the woman concerned, she ­insisted: “She is a good friend to me. She has a husband and children. It is ridiculous. She was living with me for a while to get back on her feet.”
Abigail went on: “I caught him in bed with two women, the housemaid and one other woman. There were two women, it was awful.
“They were on the bed. They were undressed. I said to them, ‘Who are you and what’s going on here?’
“He told me that he doesn’t know what he’s doing and I should pray for him. He knows how to manipulate people, that’s one thing he is good at.
“I last saw him in April last year. I didn’t know he’d filed for divorce. He has been calling people asking them to plead with me to get back with him.

“I would have filed for divorce myself but I haven’t because I’ve been very busy. And he asked me not to because he did not want to make it known that we had separated.
“So I went on my way and I left him but I didn’t tell anybody anything.
“I’ve told him, ‘I don’t want you any more, I have forgiven you, I’m a Christian. But I don’t want you any more, just leave me alone.’

I don’t take him seriously. I don’t have time for him. If I should be angry at anyone, I should be angry at myself for descending so low as to enter into marriage with such a person.”
Responding to claims she stole money from Fashanu, Abigail added: “Anybody can say anything – but how can I go to his house and steal from him in his house?

“I wasn’t living there with him. He’s sick and he needs help.”

Wife Abigail claims he has fathered six children by three different women.
Meanwhile he added: “I filed the ­divorce petition in September and it’s listed for mention on the 19th of next month at the court in Abuja. We’re trying to move it through.”

Photos: 5 Months After, Jude Okoye & Wife Dedicate Baby

Jude Okoye and his wife Ifeoma, today 26th of April dedicated their baby, Emma Okoye who was welcomed to the world last year November. See a full photo of Ifeoma's dress made by celebrity stylist and designer Abyke Domina. I can do anything to have that dress. Glorious lol

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Shocker! Obasanjo set To Return $200 MILLION DOLLARS TO Nigeria? Vows to expose other corrupt Leaders

Change is about to hit the country in a big way and there has been cases of several leaders in Nigeria turning a new leaf. Its no news that Nigeria is a very great country with a capacity of greatness. The country is endowed with vast human as well as natural resources. Despite the high revenue generated by this country from oil which is supposed to be a blessing, Nigeria has been hit by the resource course theory.

This means the oil factor has been a deficiency to the development of the country. This has encouraged a high rate of corruption and desperation for political power. Several politicians have used political power as a gateway to enrich their pockets.

With the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as the new leader of the country, there seem to be so much fear in Nigeria among politicians who have massively siphoned public funds. Rumours have it that Buhari is bracing up for a massive clampdown on all corrupt officials in Nigeria.

The petroleum Minister, Diezani Alision Maduekwe was smart enough to get a wind of the grand plan, she is reportedly on the run. She is in the UK with a plan to go on a long term exile. Bode George on the other hand has already hinted us about his imminent exit from Nigeria to avoid a deserved jail term. This is really a big shame on out leaders engaging in executive robbery.

Furthermore, Finance Minister, Okonjo Iweala has also been fingered by the President – Elect for misappropriation of funds and she could be brought to book if found guilty. A reliable source from the APC leadership circle claimed a list of chronic political thieves have been compiled. The plan will be hatched starting from May 29, 2015 when the General assumes power officially. Members of the APC have decided to lead by example in order to prevent public criticisms when the massive prosecution begins. It is simply called ‘leadership by example’.

Nigerians will be shell shocked and the political class thrown into disarray as former president Olusegun Obasanjo prepares to return 200 million dollars to the federal government and promised to release names if those who do not follow his lead and return “what belongs to the Nigerian people” as he put it. An official announcement of this development will be made this week.

You are hearing it from us first. This is a great news to Nigerians. Corruption has deterred the growth and development of this country over a long period of time. A victory over this problematique of the global south will set the country on the right course which is the reason why General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) was massively sought after by voters.

Outrage as Transgeder Female Prisoner is stripped, battered & shaved in Brazil(Photos)

Graphic images have emerged of a badly beaten transgender prisoner battered,forced her to strip and shaved by the police..

25 year old Veronica Bolina is pictured lying partially naked on the ground in front of a group of officers and other prisoners in Sao Paulo, Brazil.The 25-year-old had previously been arrested over an alleged attack on her 73-year-old neighbour.

 Pictures appearing to show her ordeal were leaked online and have sparked outrage across Brazil.
An official police statement claimed Bolina was attacked by prisoners when she was seen performing a sex act on herself in her cell and that officers were forced to intervene.

It added that the injuries were the result of a struggle in which, police claim, she bit an officer on the ear.The photos of her badly swollen eyes and mouth have been widely shared on the internet with outraged supporters setting up campaign groups on the internet demanding the right for LGBT people to be treated fairly.
One supporter, Susane Montalvo Sarabia, said:
 'It is just sickening that in this day and age such things as this still happen.They have pulverised that poor woman's face and are now trying to cover it up. Whether she is innocent, guilty, transgender or straight doesn't matter.'The police should not be allowed to do this to anyone.'
Authorities in Sao Paulo say they are now investigating the matter.

A spokesman for the prosecutors office said she had been moved to a detention centre where she has an individual cell until the court case.

Culled from Dailymail

Some of my prophesies didn't come true because politicians contacted me-Apostle Johnson Suleman

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman, who prophesied that many politicians who lost in the last election would win, speaks on why some of his prophecies didn’t come to pass,his prophesy on Jonathan and why Buhari may be stoned in 6 months.Read excerpts from Punch  

You prophesied that there would be trouble if President Goodluck Jonathan went ahead to contest for the election. You said other things but they didn’t come to pass.
Yes, I said he should go back to his village. In 2012, I said I saw a new president. That was the last prophecy for that year. It was a prophecy of 2012 that was to be out in 2013. So in 2013, I prophesied again that he should not run, that I saw violence. On January 1 of that year, they brought down my church. Jonathan dismantled my church in Abuja. He hit me seriously. It was in the papers that I was a victim of prophecy.
 What was the reason given?

Nothing. The certificate of occupancy was okay. They just came and marked it. On what grounds are you marking it? Nothing. So when people like Father Mbaka said they were threatened, I just laughed because I was not threatened, I was actually hit. They brought down the whole building and told us to leave. We tried to get another land but everyone we approached said they were being threatened. But let me tell you something about prophecies, they have leverages and you cannot judge prophecy except you have the spirit of prophecy. I’m a journalist and sometimes when I read in the papers how journalists criticise prophecies, I laugh. But I don’t blame them. If you watch that prophecy manual, I said very clearly that President Jonathan would not win but that the man that would win would not be given. It was stated there. I said a few prophecies about some other people- (Ibikunle) Amosun, (Nasir) el Rufai, (Nyesom) Wike and some other people. Whether a prophecy is fulfilled or not depends on who it’s said about. Few of the people prophesied about contacted me. I don’t want to call names but they contacted me. You said I won’t get this or that, I want it. Can it be reversed?’ I said very well. If you are given certain prayers to make, prophecies can be reversed. If you’re given certain things to do, prophecies can be reversed.
He said even Muslims reached out to him for the prophesy's to be reversed 
And actually, there were some people I never thought would reach out to me, those who were Muslims, those who were stubborn leaders, they contacted me. So, I told them ‘this is not about man, it’s about God. If you’re humble enough, we can pray about it.’ And we prayed. Like today especially, I’ve got messages from people who were happy and said ‘Oh, thank God, it was reversed.’ Like that of the President, I saw him a month before the election and we talked one on one. All I told him was that he wouldn’t win. I personally told Jonathan to concede defeat. I told him he would save a lot of heads if he conceded defeat and left. I saw not less than half a million people without their heads.  
So prophecies have been given and as they are given, people are now becoming wise, especially when they have seen the accuracy of some prophecies. They would say before I become a victim, let me contact this man. And when they do that, they get the prophecies reversed and it’s not in our place as ministers of God to talk.
Is that what happened in el Rufai’s case when you said he disrespected Jesus Christ and so would not win the election? He has won now.
I won’t mention names.
But what happened in his own case then because you said he would not win the election and he won?
Can you ask me what happened in Amosun’s case that I said he would win and he won? Can you ask me what happened in Wike’s case that I said he would win and he won? Can you ask me what happened in Ayo Fayose’s case that I said I saw him being threatened and removed and presently he’s going through an impeachment process? So if we could discuss positives.
Yes, we can also discuss negatives if we could discuss positives.
Like I said, when a prophecy is given, you can wriggle yourself out of it. And let me say something, I’m not tying this to an individual–that you won an election doesn’t mean you have been sworn in.
 On Buhari
Let me say this to you. In the next six months, people may stone Buhari. The reason I’m saying this is because the expectation is too high. Nigerians expect Buhari to put gold on their tables. Two, the large chunk of followership Buhari has are youths and young people and they are impatient. Young people don’t believe in progressive change, they want change. When they say change, they see a new picture. And Buhari has been talking from the two sides of the mouth. During campaign, he told us Boko Haram would be a thing of the past. Now, you are President-elect, you are saying people shouldn’t expect a miracle. Are you a pastor? If I wanted a miracle worker, won’t I bring a Mallam or a miracle worker? When you were being voted for, we were not voting for a pastor, so don’t tell us about miracles.

 Like I said, Jonathan will be seen as a hero very soon because that’s the Nigerian story. Anybody who they feel is not doing well, get him out. The next few minutes, they miss this person. If by September, there is still a blink in power, people will start abusing Buhari. You said you were going to do this. Two, who are Buhari’s footmen, the large chunk are ex-PDP people and of course you know, many are still defecting. Nigerian politicians are the most shameless people (I know); they can’t bear hunger. They are defecting now to lobby for offices. If you should check the people around the man, it gives you an idea of where the man is heading.

 If you check the agenda, listen to their campaign, it wasn’t about issues, it was about personality. Change this man! And I wanted us to talk about what the issues are, brainstorm to make things better. I heard he had a five-hour meeting behind closed doors with President Jonathan. He has now seen the reality of how deep the issues are and it has now dawned on him that the man sitting there was actually managing to survive.

That is one thing about leadership. When the ball is passed to you, you realise it’s deeper than you think. So I do not see change in Nigeria. The only change I see is we have a breath of fresh air, a new government. To say there will be instant change in Nigeria, I doubt. We are praying as Christians and believers. It doesn’t matter what the enemy is trying to do in Nigeria, as believers, we know that the will of God will be done.

Bruce Jenner is Love-Kim & all the Kardashians tweet adorable words to their dad

 Bruce has finally come out the closet and his family are solidly behind him.They still refer to him as dad..In his interview with Diane Sawyer, he said Kim was the most supportive and Khloe didn't accept it easily..He said

[I told them] "God's looking down, making little Bruce. He gave me all these wonderful qualities. [But then He thought] wait a second, we've got to give him something in his life to struggle with. Let's give him the soul of a female".
 'Khloe has been very emotional, she's had the toughest time with it, she's had a lot of losses in her life,'
 Kim caught him in female clothes once and accepted him earlier..He also said Kim revealed Kanye helped her understand his position

'I said, "Okay, I'm so tired of lying to everybody. So I told her all my issues.And then after it was over with, I felt much better. But when I brought the issue up again, she said: "I just thought it was one of those subjects I couldn't talk about."'

Spirit pushed me to kill my neigbour-Suspect

For 30-year-old Nweke Chinonso, the tragic events of Sunday, April 19, 2015, could as well be the handiwork of a spiritual influence or force beyond his control.
“I do not know the spirit that got inside me that day,” he began.
Chinonso, an Imo State indigene, was calm as he explained that he should be seen as the victim of a supernatural force that took control of him and made him to kill his neighbour, Kunle Abiola.

Chinonso, who is being held at the Department of Criminal Investigations, Yaba, Lagos, told our correspondent that he only sat in the front of his house to relax that Sunday morning when the deceased and another neighbour came to trouble him.
“I no longer go to church,“I was relaxing in the front of my apartment at 100, Mba Street, Ajegunle, when my neighbours, Ismail and Kunle (Abiola), told me to join them where they were sitting. I told them I would not and they started to foment trouble.

“I did not want to associate with them because I don’t speak their language and I can’t trust them. But while they were troubling me where I sat, Ismail pinned my arms behind me and Kunle slapped me.

“Immediately he slapped me, I could not control myself anymore, it was like I was on remote control as a spirit pushed me to go and take a kitchen knife. I rushed in and took the knife, came back outside and stabbed Kunle.”
The deceased was stabbed twice – in the chest and jaw. As incredible as Chinonso’s claim sounded, he swore he was telling the truth. He explained though, that Abiola had in the past slapped him for no concrete reasons.

“There was even a time I went to a drinking joint in our area and saw him (Abiola) there. As soon as I sat down, he came over and challenged me for coming to the same joint where he drank. He slapped me right there and I could not do anything,” Chinonso said.
Asked if there were other issues that could warrant the alleged harassment he was suffering in the hands of the deceased, Chinonso told Saturday PUNCH, there had never been any issue between them.

As soon as Chinonso stabbed Abiola, he slumped and was rushed to the hospital as blood gushed from his chest and jaw. Residents instantly restrained Chinonso, tied him up and beat him as police were alerted to the incident. Abiola was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital

However, residents who spoke with our correspondent, said Chinonso’s version of the story was all lies.

A resident, Saheed Adebisi, said the incident started when a fight broke out between Ismail and Chinonso but Abiola only attempted to separate them when he was stabbed.

“Chinonso stabbed him because he believed that Abiola was on the side of Ismail,” he said.

My daughter fled home 9ys ago,she was under a spell-Mother of Nanny who kidnapped Orekoya kids

Funmilayo Adeyemi, the arrested notorious nanny who confessed to be the mastermind of the kidnap of the Orekoya and the Eshare­garan kids in Lagos  confessed that her husband, Rasheed Kareem, brother-in-law, Hakeem Kareem and their mother who are still at large are members of the kidnap syndicate, which she called ‘family business.’

In an exclusive encounter by Sun with Funmi­layo’s mother, Prophetess Esther Adeyemi at the police station, she looked visibly shocked at the confession of her daughter on TV.Prophetess Adeyemi claimed that her visit to the police station to identify the suspect on Monday was the first time she was seeing her daughter since she left home in 2005.
“She told me that she was going back to school and never came back home. She left us eight years ago. They kidnapped and hypnotized my daughter”
All has always been well till their fa­ther died. He was killed during the Ife and Modakeke fight. During that time, we were based in Calabar and as expected we were evicted from the barracks and we relocated to Osun State. He died as a Chief Superintendent of Police. Luckily, I am a prophetess and I de­cided to embrace my ministry. I had to get closer home and most importantly close to the mountain. By the grace of God, I became popular in Lagos and Ajah. As the first daughter of the house, I want­ed the best for her, so I invested in her edu­cation. She got admission to study Survey at Osun Polytechnic. After her graduation, she worked briefly as a receptionist till one day in 2005, she came to me that she wanted to go back to school for her HND.
“I gave her enough money to sustain her for months. This was the last I heard from her. I was worried but anytime that I attempted to call the police, she will call her sister and tell her that she is fine. This always happened anytime I go to the mountain to pray. She is 35 years and old enough to be a mother but I never knew that I had four grandchildren from her,” Mrs Adeyemi narrated.
When asked why she did not use her gift of prophecy to find her daughter, Mrs. Adeyemi said:
 “I never knew that she was lost, so I did not bother focusing my prayer on her. “I felt that she is an adult and should be al­lowed to live her life. Most especially, since she gets in touch with her sister, I felt no need to worry. The only time I spoke with her, she said that she was in South Africa.”
She called on the Orekoya family and oth­ers who have fallen victims of Funmilayo’s kidnap syndicate to forgive her daughter as she was hypnotized.
 “They kidnapped my daughter and placed her under a spell. What sort of human being from a Christian back­ground will suddenly decide to sell their soul to the devil?

“Please, forgive my daughter and give me the chance to break the spell. You all heard that she claimed that she wanted to expand their family wealth. Which normal woman would be working for a man who has refused to marry her after four children? Please, have mercy on my daughter. I thank God that none of the kids died in the process,” she pleaded.
 How she learnt about her arrest, Mrs. Adeyemi said that it was her little daughter that tried to draw her attention to the news on social media.
“She called me that a lady who looks like my daughter is on her whatsapp. I waved it aside till I saw her pictures every­where. It was a great shock. I prayed for the ground to open and swallow me. The shame was too much but no matter how bad a child turns out to be, a mother cannot abandon him or her. I am ashamed but all the same I thank God that she is truly alive. It could be God’s way of rescuing my daughter from the hands of those criminals. She is under a spell and almighty God will help me deliver her,” Mrs Adeyemi stated.
As soon as the kids were released Tuesday night, detectives stormed the hotel where Funmilayo and her maid were moved to by her husband and arrested her while they were busy plotting how to escape from Lagos. Though three other gang mem­bers escaped and are still at large, Funmilayo was not as lucky.

Saturday Sun gathered that out of the N2m ran­som money paid into a bank account, the kidnappers were only able to withdraw about N400,000 using ATM before the bank placed it on red alert and blocked further withdraw­als.

Giving Saturday Sun an insight into how she came into crime, Funmilayo, in an exclu­sive interview at the police station, claimed that it was her relationship with the family of the father of her children that landed her into crime.

“I am a graduate of Osun polytechnic and I have Diploma in Survey. After my studies, I got a job as a receptionist in Osun State, it was there I met Rasheed Kareem and we became friends. I was worried that at the age of 27, I was yet to get married. Luckily, I got pregnant for him and he accepted responsibility for the pregnancy. He introduced me to his fam­ily and they accepted me. He also promised that as soon as his finance improves, that he would marry me in church. Since I knew that he would finally become my husband, I had three other kids making them four”, she said.
 Desperate to be called Mrs. Kareem, Fun­milayo said she did not bother to ask what her husband’s real business was.
“I knew that there was something wrong about him but I needed to marry as I was not getting young­er. I knew that if I complained, I would lose him to other women. This was why when my brother-in-law came up with the idea that they wanted me to help them kidnap children, I accepted. I accepted because since I am a mother, I will ensure that all the children kid­napped were well taken care of.”
 According to the suspect, her husband and brother-in-law, Hakeem had the duty of sourcing for possible targets.
“They gave me different names, including Mary Akinloye. All I know is that as soon as they get anyone, I will be the one to make the call and follow it up. This was how they contacted the Eshar­egaran family in Magodo and several others, including the Orekoya family. I will paint a picture of a poor lady who was looking for nanny job. I will demand to know the kind of accommodation. Even when I go to their houses, my husband and in-law will follow me to assess the environment. If there is any need for a guarantor, my mother-in-law will pose as my mother who lives in Ikorodu. Eve­rybody in that family was involved, so it was very easy to co-ordinate. If it is not good, I will call and give an excuse for my lack of interest in the job. The one at Magodo was a good one”, she narrated.

Governor Obiano Meets Buhari In Abuja, To Decamp To APC ?

Those days when APC was in the opposition, APGA national chairman, Victor Umeh used to described the party as a group of noisemakers. But today the story is different. They're now pledging loyalty.

The only APGA governor, Willie Obiano of Anambra State on Friday visited the President-Elect, Muhammadu Buhari in his Aso Drive residence in Abuja.

Obiano’s visit came as speculations were rife that he and other APGA leaders are planning to defect to the All Progressives Congress with a view to joining the winning team.
Speaking to Journalists at the premises of General Buhari, after a closed door meeting, the governor said that his mission to the president-elect was to congratulate him.

He said, “I will work very closely with Mr president”.

The journey was to also reassure Buhari of the support of the south east even as he asked the president-elect not to isolate Ndigbo in federal appointment.

In his words: “Well, I came to congratulate His Excellency the President-elect on his victory and I am also here to reassure him that Anambra and the South East would support him. I also pleaded with him on some pressing problem that are of importance to the south east like the second Niger bridge and some of the federal roads.

“We also pleaded in the area of appointment for the people of Anambra and of course for people from the South East be it ministerial, ambassadorial and what have you. So basically it is to congratulate the president elect on his well deserved victory.”

The Governor confirmed that he was in touch with APC leaders from the South East.
“Well I am a very focused governor. Under my tenure I brought change in the area of security in Anambra state and I will always support things that would bring change to improve the well-being of Ndi Anambra and Nigeria as a whole.”

Ijaw Leader Edwin Clark Collapsed After Jonathan's Defeat?

One man who became powerful and very influential overnight after ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo made his brother Goodluck Jonathan president is Ijaw leader, E.K. Clark. Stories have been flying that the victory of General Muhammadu Buhari against Jonathan hit him so hard that he collapsed.
But the former Minister is claiming that it is wrong for anyone to think that he would die because Jonathan lost the March 28 presidential election to Buhari.
Funny enough, he refused to confirm or deny the story that he collapsed. He simply said, “I am alive. Today, I won’t talk about what happened before, during and after the election. That will come another day."

Clark, who was one of the supporters of the President, spoke with journalists on Friday in Abuja. He said some people had been going round with rumours against him. 

Clark, who said he was travelling to London on Friday, said he decided to speak with journalists before the rumour mongers would go to the market again and say that he had been flown abroad.

He said, “I am here today to tell you that I am not dead. Or am I dead? In every election, there would be winners and losers. The same thing happened during the last presidential election.

“Jonathan was the one who contested election, I didn’t. So, why should I die?”
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