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Why we sold our son-Nollywood actor,wife confesses(Photo)  

A Nollywood actor and his wife have sensationally told the po­lice why they decided to sell their two-year-old son, Samuel Chukwuneye for N350, 000 to a Port Harcourt based woman simply identified as Ogechi. The couple, though not legal­ly married, had been living together. They were identified as Kanayo Awurum, 29, and Ugochi Kelechi, 28, both of who are from Ikeduru Local Government Area in Imo State.

Trouble started when Ugochi, who is pregnant with their second child, suspected that her live-in lover, who she claimed gave out their son temporarily to Ogechi, was planning to abandon her in Lagos. She alert­ed and confessed to the police about what they did before relocating to Lagos. Kanayo was arrested and handed over to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Lagos police command, Ikeja for further investigation.

According to a police source, Kanayo, who is an upcoming Nollywood actor im­pregnated Ugochi more than two years ago and ran away. He returned sometime in October 2014 and apologized to her with a promise to marry her. Ugochi accepted him back and got pregnant again. When his re­sources dwindled, he convinced Ugochi to relocate with him to Lagos State as soon as they were able to raise money.
He convinced her to use their son as a collateral to collect a loan that will be paid back in three months. Unknown to Ugochi, her son was sold to one Mrs Ogechi who lives in Port Harcourt. Armed with the pro­ceed of the sale, the couple relocated to Lagos and rented an apartment at Ikotun, Lagos.

Two weeks later, Kanayo travelled home with an excuse that there was a pro­ject that he was called upon to execute. He left his lover with little or no money with the promise to return in two days. Days dragged into weeks and Ugochi was left at the mercy of the landlord and neighbours who gave her money for feeding.
Although Kanayo called giving excuses why he was yet to return, Ugochi became frustrated especially when her lover told her that their son, Samuel might not return again. She also learnt from the landlord, that her lover was making arrangement to col­lect the remaining part of the rent and send her packing. Ugochi confided in their family friend who alerted the police of the develop­ment.

Pleading for mercy, Kanayo said that he took the decision because of his quest to give Ugochi who he described as his fiancée a better life.

 “I met Ugochi during our sec­ondary school days in Amakaohia Compre­hensive High School, Ikeduru, Imo state. We became lovers and continued our rela­tionship after graduation. Fortunately, she got pregnant in 2012. I asked her to keep the baby because I loved her so much and wanted her to be the mother of my children. I met her brother who told me what to do to legalize the relationship. Sincerely, I want­ed to legalize it but, I did not have much money so I left Ikeduru for Owerri. I am a trained painter and was also fortunate to be allowed to feature in some Nigerian mov­ies. During that time, I called her severally to explain why I had to run to Owerri. She was angry and refused to pick my call or see reasons with me,” Kanayo narrated.
In October 2014, Kanayo returned and sought the love and forgiveness of Ugochi who had given birth to a baby boy.
“With the little money that I had, I was ready to marry Ugochi. I pleaded with her severally and luckily, she accepted. I made another attempt to ask for her hand in marriage and her family vehemently refused. They threatened to get me arrested if I dared to come close to their sister again. But be­cause she loves me so much, we continued our relationship till she became pregnant again.
“At this point we needed to leave town before her family would notice that she is pregnant again. I convinced her to elope with me to Lagos where we will start our lives together till her family is ready to ac­cept me as their in-law.
“I was already broke and was sourcing for loan. My plan was to travel to Lagos and contact my mentor, Jerry Leonard who is also an actor and film producer. All the persons that I met for a loan refused but another actor, Emmanuel (full names with­held by us) gave me the only way out,” he said.
The only way out given to him was to sell his two-year-old son and get quick money.
“He told me to use what I have to get what I don’t have. Initially, I wanted to use my son as a collateral to get a loan but Emmanuel said that outright sale will be the best. He was the one who contact­ed, Mrs. Ogechi from Port Harcourt with the promise that I will pay him N50,000. I simply told Ugochi that the baby will be kept with one woman till we settle down. Since we were eloping, there was no need to contact any family member. Luckily, the woman paid N350, 000 and I gave Emma­nuel Ibeh, N50,000.
“I contacted my mentor, Jerry and he was able to secure an accommodation for us in Ikotun area of Lagos,” he further said.
Kanayo insisted that he had plans to re­turn and trace his son.
“I know that what I did was bad but I did it to protect my fian­cée. She will be an object of ridicule by her family if they discovered that she is preg­nant again without a husband. I returned to Owerri when my brother called me that there is a big painting job. My plan was to also raise money to buy back our son. Meanwhile, we were having several issues with the house and I asked the landlord to refund us part of the money we paid. Un­fortunately, I never knew that Ugochi had reported me to the police. I was arrested when I returned to Lagos to collect part of the money we paid for that house at Ikotun. I am sorry but all I did was out of love,” Kanayo said.
He claimed that he played prominent roles in several nollywood movies includ­ing Fist of Vengence, Destiny Child and Rough Chase.
Ugochi on her part said that she never knew that their son was to be used as col­lateral.
“I am pregnant and he convinced me that travelling down to Lagos with a small child would be stressful. He told me that my son, Samuel will be kept in his sis­ter’s house for about two months when we would have settled down. It was also his son, so I felt that whatever plan he has was for our own good. I never knew that he was having money problem. We just reconciled and he was taking good care of me and my son ever since he returned. He only told me that the process of settling down is very stressful.
“When we got to Lagos, I kept remind­ing him of our son and he told me that he would soon return to Owerri to pick him up. Towards the end of April, he travelled home for a painting job and left me with little or nothing to eat. Life was hard and I relied on the landlord, neighbours and his mentor Jerry to survive. I pleaded with him to return our son and he kept telling me that I should not be in a hurry. I was forced to confess to the police when I learnt that he wanted to collect back the money he paid for the house that we were living in. I felt he had abandoned me, that was why I opened up to his mentor Jerry. I am aware that he wanted us to relocate from that house but he was no longer providing for me,” Ugochi said.
On why she agreed in the first place to elope, Ugochi said:
 “ I was and I am still in love with him. I have dated him for more than 10 years and so far he is a caring gen­tleman. When I got pregnant in 2012, he asked me to keep the child. He also made effort to see my family but when he was given the list of things to buy, he ran away. I was devastated and refused to pick his calls when he tried to get across to me. He even sent his friends to me. My family protect­ed me till I gave birth in November 2012. Sometime in October 2014, he returned and started begging again. I love him, so I had no choice but to accept him back. He was actually ready to marry me but my family members refused. They even sent my brother to their house to drop a piece of kolanut. What that meant was that they are at liberty to beat him up, if he dares to come around seeking for my hand in marriage. I love him and I am pregnant again. I cannot bear the shame for the second time that was why I agreed to elope with him.
“This was why I did not even contact my family when I was dying of hunger and it was obvious that my baby might not return. He actually called his mentor and told him that our son died in a car accident while they were on their way back to Lagos,” Ugochi further said.
Continuing, she said that she cannot be­lieve that Kanayo could sell their son for money.
“I miss my son and I want him back. He was fooling me all this while, but I love him.”
Describing Kanayo as an upcoming ac­tor in Nollywood, Jerry Leonard said he was not aware of the illicit transaction till Ugochi confessed to him.
“I am a Martial art instructor and also a successful movie producer. I know him from my maternal village, Ikeduru where I discovered that he had great skills in acting. He had featured in several movies of which I connected him to the producers.
“Sometime in March, he called that he wants to relocate to Lagos and pursue his acting career. As agreed, I got a mini flat for them close to the area where I live in Ikotun. He told me that he was coming with his wife. I signed as guarantor to secure the accommodation. I was surprised when the landlord called me that Kanayo was plan­ning to leave the compound. He was the one who told me that Ogechi was stranded and comes around to beg for food. I intervened and called Kanayo who said that he had a project and would soon return. Ogechi then opened up to me when I informed her, that her husband (as he was made to believe) said that their son died in an accident. I was confused and not sure what my suspicion could be. We now arranged with the land­lord to ask him to come and collect part of the money he spent on rent.
“I had some young men around who overpowered him. He confessed to me, pleading that he had plans to go back and rescue their son. I alerted the police and they came and picked him up,” Jerry nar­rated.
Confirming the incident, Lagos State police spokesman, Kenneth Nwosu said that the police is on the trail of one Emma­nuel who was alleged to have initiated the transaction and Ogechi, the woman who bought the baby. “The Commissioner of Police, Kayode Aderanti has directed the officer in-charge of SARS, SP Abba Kyari to ensure that baby Samuel is found and the other accomplices arrested and prosecut­ed”, he stressed.

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 Photos: Music star Kcee hawks MTN recharge cards on the streets

Singer Kcee was spotted early this morning along the major streets of Lagos where he went to sell MTN recharge cards and also to interact with his fans. As a brand ambassador of MTN, he used himself as an example and encouraged his numerous fans never to give up but rather be focused and hard working and also to believe in themselves because this world Na turn by turn according to him. More photos after the cut...

Photos: Prisoners who escaped during Ekiti jail break re-arrested for armed robbery  

Two criminals, Banji Adedayo(40) and Tope Daramola (45) who escaped prison during the Ekiti-state jail break in December 2014 have been re-arrested by the Ondo state police command for armed robbery. Parading the men alongside other criminals before newsmen today, the Ondo state police Commissioner, Isaac Eke, said the suspects, after escaping from prison, joined a five man armed robbery gang that have been terrorizing Akure since March this year. See more photos after the cut..

They were apprehended after they robbed one Mr. Remidayo Komolafe of his Toyota Sienna Bus with Reg. No. KJA 790 CH, valued at N1.6 million on Ondo Road in Akure. They also forcefully collected five mobile phones from the victim, valued at N200,000 as well as other possessions. “Upon police interrogation [the men] confessed to the crime and other robbery cases, including an Ekiti State bank robbery, and both were inmates who escaped from Ekiti jailbreak,” he said.

Also paraded are criminals who committed other crimes.

Alfa runs mad,dies after drinking herbal mixture  

An Islamic cleric, Taiye Bamidele, fondly called Alfa, has died after consuming herbal mixure in the FESTAC area of Lagos State.
The 24-year-old was said to have first acted strangely and behaved violently before dying on Saturday.
PUNCH Metro learnt that a day to the incident, he had complained to his friend, Akintunde Akinwunmi, that he was ill.Akinwunmi was said to have gone to a herb vendor around the area, who sold the herbal mixture to him.
It was learnt that shortly after taking the concoction, he started laughing hysterically.He reportedly died soon after.

Our correspondent learnt that the police had arrested Akinwunmi and the herb seller.
A police source said Taiye was resident in Ondo State and had come to Lagos on a visit when tragedy struck.
He said, 
“There are three friends involved in this case. The deceased lived in Ondo State, while the other two are living in Lagos.The two in Lagos travelled to Ondo to join Taiye for the naming ceremony of another friend, who was living in Idi-Iroko.All the three friends returned to Lagos on Thursday, last week.The following day, which was Friday, Taiye said he had a stomach upset and they went to get him some herbs to treat the ailment.”
It was learnt that he was served a mixture of jedi-jedi and ‘small leaf’ which were soaked in alcohol.
Our correspondent learnt that after the victim took the drink, he started acting strangely.
A relative said his friends stated that he was laughing hysterically and talking out of senses.
“He started by laughing at everything they were saying and they didn’t understand what was happening.Later, he touched the private parts of one of them. When they tried to hold him, he ran out of the house.”
In the process of running, it was gathered that Taiye fell and injured himself in the head.
He was said to have continued his flight, but was later found with the security men at the entrance into the estate. The men explained to his friends that Alfa had lost his mind.The security guards reportedly chained Alfa and handed him over to his friends.
Our correspondent was told that he gave up the ghost early Saturday morning.A source said
 “Around 3am on Saturday, he died. People called his name, shook him, but he did not respond.”
The herb seller, Bilikisu Ayilara, said she did not know anything about the death of the victim.
She said, 
“I have been selling herbs for a long time and I have never had problems.I don’t know the man that died. His friend usually patronised me. He came that day and said his friend had a stomach upset.
“I gave him jedi-jedi and small leaf and that was all. It was later I learnt the man who took it ran mad and died. I am innocent.”
The victim’s father, Olaiya, appealed to the police to release his son’s corpse to him.He said he was not ready to pursue a case against the suspects.
 “I don’t think it was the herb that killed my son. Although he did not have any mental problem before coming to Lagos with his friends, he died because it was his fate.
“All I am interested in is for the police to release the corpse of my son to me and release the suspects.”

62 year woman cured of insanity after being hit by a vehicle in Enugu

The family of late Emmanuel Ugwu of Umuebiem, Agbamere community, Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State,are rejoicing after their mentally-challenged mother, Victoria, who was hit by a vehicle became sane again.
The accident, which occurred at Ugwuawarawa in Nsukka, would have sent the 62-year-old mother of four to her grave, but instead it served as the beginning of her healing process from the protracted mental illness that bedeviled her.

For well over three decades, Mrs. Ugwu, popularly known as Mama Nnenna, has literally become mad, and many times gone stark naked as a result of her ill health. The woman who has been staying at Total Roundabout in Nsukka, attracted the attention of Daily Sun when for over three months her whereabouts could not be accounted for.

A source revealed that after the accident, Mrs. Ugwu was rushed to Bishop Shanahan Hospital, Nsukka, by the driver of the car that hit her, though she refused all medical attention given to her by the hospital.

However, when Daily Sun visited her at GRA, Nsukka, where she is currently staying, she has changed from the dirty mad woman who specialized in collecting all sorts of dirty cloths and tying them around her waist, leg and head to a mentally stable mother. She was busy sweeping her room and cleaning her environment.
Mrs. Ugwu spoke in an emotive and hear-breaking voice:
 “I am here suffering; I don’t know what I did to people that I am put in this kind of condition. I believe that what is happening to me is not ordinary. Somebody did this to me”.
When asked about the whereabouts of her husband, she said she has not seen him and could not tell where he was.
On further enquiry to ascertain what actually was wrong with her, Mrs Ugwu, a mother of six, though two out them were said to have passed on, said her problem started about 30 years ago and wondered why she was in such an agonising situation:
“I was down there (pointing at Ugwuawara side) picking food in a dustbin when two children met me and asked me to stop picking anything there. But later they asked me to continue picking. Then, I continued but I did not know when a vehicle came and hit me. It knocked me down and ran over me.”
She could not tell where she was taken to. It was gathered that the driver of the car, who was said to be on evangelism mission, rushed her to Bishop Shanahan Hospital, Nsukka, where she was admitted for medical attention.
Unfortunately, Mrs. Ugwu was said to have left the hospital days later and found in a heap of refuse almost dead. Her neighbour, Mr. Paulinus Ezeaku, and his wife quickly took her out from the dirt to her residence.
Mrs. Ugwu’s daughter, Nnenna, explained that
“what happened to my mother can best be described as miraculous healing. I have never seen such a rapid healing. I am so happy that she is now recovering though we are currently facing challenges of getting money to buy her drugs regularly.
“Her drugs cost like N15,000 monthly but presently, I don’t have such kind of money. Even her feeding is becoming increasing difficult for me because I am the only person staying with her. I am just a staff of Nsukka Local Government Area and you know the salary is not forthcoming regularly.”
Asked where she has been when all these years her mother was ill:
 “I have been with my uncle. Each and every time I came around Total filling station and saw her tattered and picking refuse from dumpsites, I always felt so bad. It was always heart rending and too difficult to imagine.”
Ezeaku said:
“Her problem started as far back as 1984. She started by taking her children to the streets and refuse dump to pick some food. When her husband’s relations saw what was happening, they took the children away from her and she came back to stay with her husband who was then a driver with the local education authority.
“Few years after this, her husband disappeared and I alerted his relations about the development and they started looking for him. Later, they found him dead somewhere in Nsukka and took him to his village and buried him. Mrs Victoria continued living here all alone amassing all sorts of refuse to her house since all these three decades.”
On her present situation, Ezeaku:
“When we went to see her at the hospital after the accident and discovered that she couldn’t receive any medication from the hospital, I reported to the police for permission to take her back to her house and also to treat her using both orthodox and herbal medicines. I was given the permission and I brought her back here and since then, she has been getting better by the day.
“The only problem we have now is finance. I am a retired director in the Nsukka Local Government Education Authority. I have not received my gratuity neither has the government paid me pension since 2014 I retired. For this reason, I have no money to continue taking care of her medically and otherwise.”
Ezeaku, however, said some philanthropic individuals and organizations  have made donations toward the upkeep of the woman, pointing out that since then, nobody has been willing to help her financially: “Her daughter, Nnenna is too young to carry such financial burden.”
He explained that for some weeks now, Mrs. Ugwu has not been taking any drugs due to lack of finance to buy the drugs, pointing out that she equally needs advance medical attention for further healing. He expressed optimism that Mrs. Ugwu’s problem would soon be over.
He said since the signs of insanity like hallucination and soliloquizing have stopped; and she was able to take her bath, use chewing stick in the morning and could exchange pleasantries with people, her future would be bright.
He, however, noted that the woman still requires continuous treatment as the sickness has stayed longer in her. “The drugs for schizophrenia and that of feeding is costly.”

It was also revealed that she has been battling with mental instability for the past 30 years and has lived the greater part of her life on the streets, fending for herself under the rain and scorching sun.

Endtimes Church! Pastor makes female members strip during church service(Shocking Pics)

 OMG! This pastor of church named End times disciples  ministries in Gauteng ,South Africa makes his members strip. The photos were first shared on their Facebook page but they deleted them after backlash.Thanks to a reader, I still got the pics

Really living up to the name of the church. End times indeed..

Mum publicly shames 13 year old daughter for posting racy Facebook pics & befriending men

An angry Colorado mother publicly shamed her 13-year-old daughter on Facebook after discovering that she was posing as a 19-year-old and posting racy pictures.
In a video posted on facebook, the mother stands  next to her sobbing child as she reveals the truth.

The mum told the camera that her daughter had been lying about her age as well as posting pictures of herself in lingerie and wearing make up.The mother then turns to her child and says:
"You're 13. So why does your Facebook page say that you're 19? Are you 19?"
The girl sobs as she replies: "No."
But the mum ignores her daughter's tears, adding:

"Don't cry now. You wasn't crying when you was posting pictures on Facebook, was you?"You still have a bedtime, right? You still watch the Disney Channel!" before making her daughter confirm it to the camera.
She then tells her daughter that she will be staying inside to read for the whole of summer, with no access to TV and no time to spend with her friends.
Turning to the camera again, the angry mum also addressed the men who had befriended her daughter on the social network.
 "She's a kid and she's going to stay a kid. And as long as she's under my roof, she's going to do what I say."
The video lasts a total of five minutes and 40 seconds and has been viewed more than 11 million times since it was posted to Facebook.

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I care about the quality of sex not the duration-Stella Damasus  

On Monday, 18th May 2015, Stella Damasus and her man,Daniel Ademinokan were on i2Radio where she was on the hot seat.During the program,he asked her
“One of the things most guys complain about is when we first got married the sex is good but it just diminished. They keep asking, but why do women do that?”
Stella Damasus replied
“Whatever I say, I will tell you my personal opinion but what other women might feel.Women’s bodies are different from men’s. We have hormonal in balance. Sometimes you just don’t want to think of anything in your body. As a woman gets older, her sex drives diminishes.In the beginning, you are excited and really want to please the man every time. But as time goes on, you other things come into play.
You become a wife and mother.But me, I say that I don’t believe it should be.You should always please your try to please man but the man should also understand when she’s not into it. If you married a man who loves sex and you knew in the beginning, then don’t complain.”
 When Ademinokan asked if women  are looking at how long a guy can last in bed or if there is something else they are looking for...
She replied
 “I believe in the pleasure not the duration. I believe in quality over how many hours.Normal women who have normal sex drives look for pleasure over the duration. The truth is if you’re talking to me about 2 , 3 hours and there are breaks between I can understand that.”

I care about the quality of sex not the duration-Stella Damasus  

On Monday, 18th May 2015, Stella Damasus and her man,Daniel Ademinokan were on i2Radio where she was on the hot seat.During the program,he asked her
“One of the things most guys complain about is when we first got married the sex is good but it just diminished. They keep asking, but why do women do that?”
Stella Damasus replied
“Whatever I say, I will tell you my personal opinion but what other women might feel.Women’s bodies are different from men’s. We have hormonal in balance. Sometimes you just don’t want to think of anything in your body. As a woman gets older, her sex drives diminishes.In the beginning, you are excited and really want to please the man every time. But as time goes on, you other things come into play.
You become a wife and mother.But me, I say that I don’t believe it should be.You should always please your try to please man but the man should also understand when she’s not into it. If you married a man who loves sex and you knew in the beginning, then don’t complain.”
 When Ademinokan asked if women  are looking at how long a guy can last in bed or if there is something else they are looking for...
She replied
 “I believe in the pleasure not the duration. I believe in quality over how many hours.Normal women who have normal sex drives look for pleasure over the duration. The truth is if you’re talking to me about 2 , 3 hours and there are breaks between I can understand that.”

My sister's final moments on earth-Kehinde Oshadipe opens up

On the 3rd of october 2014,Taiwo Oshadipe died after an excruciating battle with LUPUS disease.The twin sister, Kehinde shared her last moments with encomium ,she said after Taiwo had her son, she was frequently falling ill and complaining of body weakness and joint pains.She was also coughing profusely to the extent that she was even coughing out blood.
 Even up till now, I still don’t realize Taiwo is no more.  Even as I sit down here now, I still believe Taiwo is around me.  I have not been seeing her physically but spiritually, I still see her.  It’s only that most times I don’t like to be emotional about it so that wherever she is, she too would not be emotional about me.  As much as she has crossed to the other end, there are some of our friends that had gone, that she had seen now.  So, she would try to make friends with those people and try to adapt to that life.  That’s just the way I see it.  I still see her as being very much around.  I still see her clothes, I see her handwriting everywhere.  I still can’t dispose off her shoes, clothes and other wears because I still have this feeling that Taye will still come back and wear all those things.  I don’t know when.  I am attaching a kind of emotion to things that belong to her.  When Taiwo was here, I could say, ‘Taye, I want to use this thing.  But now, I find it difficult to touch any of her things.  I will just feel like Taye is not here for me to tell her I want to use her things.  That’s exactly how I feel.
 On her last day on earth

That’s early in the morning(October 3rd). It was our mom that woke us up, telling us it was already morning, asking if we’re not going to the hospital again. It was around 6 o’clock, and that was on Friday, October 3, 2014. So, as our mom knocked the door, I had a kind of feeling. I was afraid. It’s like there was a thief at the door that had come to steal something in the house. The feeling was just all over me. I almost didn’t even open the door. I asked, “Who is that? Who is that?” My mom answered, then I opened the door. She came in. Taiwo was breathing heavily, my mom said she heard the way Taiwo was breathing heavily. I went and sat down with her.

Even when she was really sick, she won’t want our mom to notice. She didn’t like to let her feel bad because it was barely three years we lost our elder brother. She thought our mom would be torn apart if anything happened to her. So, she was trying to be strong. I asked her in the presence of our mom, “Taiwo, how do you feel this morning?” She was almost speechless and breathless. She replied, “I feel better.” I said it’s okay. “Let’s get dressed up and go to the hospital.” That’s the last thing Taiwo said. But before then, she sat by the bedside and I held her hand. My body was touching hers, I discovered her body was cold. I held her hand but I still nursed the faith that everything would be fine.
She was not looking at me, she just put her head down. She didn’t look at my face. I was just telling myself, we’re wasting time, we need to get ready and go to the hospital. I just stood up. I didn’t even bathe, I just wore something. I wanted us to leave in time. As I was dressing, my mom was with her. She said she wanted to ease herself, my mom helped her. Her urine was like blood. My mom was surprised. She said we just had to take the urine to the hospital so that the doctor could detect what’s actually wrong with her. Throughout the time she was ill, her urine was never that bad. I just heard my mom shouting, ‘Kenny, Kenny, come and see.’ I told my mom, leave her alone, there was nothing wrong with her. So, I went there and saw her. By the time I got there, she was lifeless.

I just said to myself, no, it’s not possible. Taiwo can’t just leave at this point. We had a lot of dreams and aspirations together, and she knew how far we have come. She can’t just leave me. How can she walk out on me just like that? I just called the security man in our house to help me carry her. The guy put her in my car, with my mom. My mom and the security man were calling her, she was not responding. I was looking back and calling her, Taye, Taye, Taye. I shouted, shouted her name, she wasn’t responding.
 I drove her to the hospital, LASUTH, to the emergency section. I called on a doctor to come and see her, I told her we have been shouting her name but she was not responding.  The doctor checked her pulse, and confirmed her dead.  We couldn’t still believe. I called another doctor, the same thing
How did you cope for the first three days of her death?
First three days of her death was very challenging for me.  I never even thought I could survive it. I would just sit and be imagining how we were together and begin to take it as my world is gone, everything is gone because Taye was my world.  She meant everything to me. That’s just the truth because if the whole world should vanish now, and I see Taiwo, I don’t think I would miss anything. That’s how much we were into each other.  She can’t be here and I won’t utter a word, I would just look into her eyes, we have communicated.
What was your last word at her graveside?
I just told her how much I loved her and I missed her.  And that I would try my best, take care of her son.  I have considered her son as mine and I will make sure I try my best which I think I am doing already.  And I will make sure that the dream we passionately fought for and the hustles would not go in vain.

Taiwo and son
Have you ever visited her tomb since she was buried?  And when you got there what did you say?
I have visited her tomb and when I visit, I wouldn’t want to leave.  Even though it’s quiet. But just knowing that she is there is enough.  Maybe people will say she wouldn’t hear me or talk back if I say something, I don’t really care.  But for the fact that I know that as I am there that particular time, she knows that I am there.  It took the help of our manager for me to leave the place.  He was the one saying, ‘Kenny, Kenny, we have to go home.’  It’s still very emotional that Taiwo is lying down somewhere and I can’t help her. I can’t wake her up.  How?  That’s the most painful aspect of it.
Culled from encomium

Female Boss Kidnapped By Her Driver In Lagos  

Sometimes if you consider the way people behave, you will find it difficult to remain a good person.

A suspected member of a kidnap syndicate arrested in the Ajah area of Lagos State has confessed that his gang was hired by the driver of their victim, one Obinna Akammadu.

He disclosed that Akammadu, the driver, informed him and his colleagues, now at large, that he was going to pick his boss, owner of Victoria Water Service, from the airport last Saturday.

According to him: “The plan was that we would kidnap the woman on reaching Lekki, take her to a hide out around Ajah/Epe, from where we would call her relatives and demand for ransom.”

He said they had succeeded in kidnapping the woman, but ran into traffic at Ajah. The woman jumped out of the car and raised alarm.

The suspect, identified as Solomon Ugoji, was reportedly rescued from a mob that was about to lynch him, by policemen attached to Area ‘M’ Command, Ajah.

Narrating her ordeal to police, the woman that was almost kidnapped, expressed surprise over what she said appeared like a movie scene to her.

She said: “I was shocked when the men opened the door that was supposed to be locked. But for God’s intervention, I do not know what would have happened to me.”

Lagos State Police PRO, Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the incident. He said policemen on patrol noticed the struggle in the vehicle and intervened.
Policemen are on the trail of the driver and others involved in the crime.

I was depressed because I broke up with my boyfriend-Halima Abubakar reveals

Halima Abubakar is probably the first Nigerian celebrity who openly cried out about her battle with depression.She said she was at the lowest point in her life and  the rumors,hate on blogs did not make it any easier..In a new chat with Encomium,she opens up on the real reason behind it
It’s a very huge experience, and coming out of it wasn’t that easy.  A lot of people don’t really understand what being depressed is.  Some may say they are sad, they are not but depressed.  But what happens is that they don’t know they’re depressed, they’re just sad.  Every day they ask such people, they will reply, I just dey jare.  Each day they’re thinking about so many things – they think about money, love, husband, kids and all that, and all these things and more cause depression which many Nigerians don’t know because we’re strong.
We think we’re just sad when we’re in that situation.  Initially, I thought I was just low, until I started having migraine. I couldn’t sleep. At a point, I couldn’t even sleep for two weeks. 
You wouldn’t believe it, I was thinking I had migraine, the doctor said I had typhoid.  So, we’re treating typhoid and before I knew it, I was hospitalized. I was in the hospital for a week, treating typhoid. Later, I thought I was okay, I went to Obasanjo son’s wedding in Abeokuta, Ogun State.  The guy married my friend.  So, we all went for the wedding.  While I was there, I was extremely happy, dancing and all that but at the end of the wedding, I started feeling funny.  That night against the next day, I couldn’t really figure out what happened. I just realized I needed to go back to the hospital.  So, the very next day, I had to leave Abeokuta straight to the hospital.  And my doctor said my migraine was back.  And we started talking.  He was asking me questions and when he was going personal, I told him I didn’t want to talk on anything like that.  But he told me I had to so that he could see if what was wrong with me was personal.  I was still on medication for a while, but thank God I have overcome that.  And Insha Allah, it won’t come back.
What actually was the cause of your depression?
I broke up with my boyfriend.  This happened to be the first time I will be talking about that. I had decided that people will be reading about it in my book but I will just tell you a little about it.  I broke up with my boyfriend and I didn’t handle it well.  Not me alone, we both didn’t handle the situation well.  But you know I am a woman, we all react differently.  To some people, they can just take a drink and sleep off. And that’s the end.  They don’t have anything to think about.  But I just realized I loved him deeply.  I didn’t think I was that romantic.  I thought it was the Jango, Rainbow or Odechi (laughs) thing.  So, falling in love was kind of something new to me.  Then, having problem upon problem about it until it ended up in a major breakdown.
When exactly did the hiccups start in the relationship and when did it finally pack up?
It happened first in December 2013, and we came back in 2014.  And we broke up again which led to the whole thing.  He didn’t even know, I am sure he couldn’t even believe I was in love with him to that extent.  That’s why.  So, I advise people to show love to who they claim to love.  And for any guy that’s in love with a woman, he should show her that love, pay her all the attention and make her know you love her.  You don’t allow her to doubt your love.
How have you been coping since then?
It has not been easy.  I was under medication for a while.  Of course, I have my family with me, each of them came after the other to keep me company.  I didn’t accept any role that period because I shot like two or three roles that time but I didn’t feel like I used to.  Then, I shot Juju wood in Enugu, directed by Tchidi Chikere. It was an amazing experience to work with him.  But I started having migraine again from that location.  It wasn’t a good experience at all.  I also went on location in Asaba, Delta State.  I later had to go back to Lagos.  I think I did about four movies within seven months because I needed to work but it wasn’t easy.  But now, it’s like nothing has happened to me.  So, I am going to say I am very grateful to God, I am in a better and wonderful place.  I am beyond happy.

DIVORCE UPDATE: Pastor Chris and Wife Anita Reconcile?

Brethren, please join me to thank God for bringing back this couple together again. When I first heard that this powerful man of God and his wife were divorced, it broke my heart, and I knew that something was wrong somewhere, for a servant of God to divorce his wife. 
However, this is an example of what God can do. When all hope was lost, and people were running their mouth, then God did what he alone can do, destroying the works of the devil that was operating in this family and brought them back together again, to show that God does not condone or tolerate the divorce of his children.
Remember, the devil does not take it lightly with any true and serious child of God who wants to do God's will. He wants to do everything possible to destroy their lives, but no matter what happens, God will give victory at last. 
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, may God continue to strengthen and use you mightily for his kingdom in the mighty name of Jesus. All glory to God.
Now, I decree for every marriage under the attack of the devil, may the Holy Ghost fire of God consume every work of the devil operating in your homes in the powerful name of Jesus. You are blessed!
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