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How Popular Actress Lost Leg In An Accident (Graphic Photo)

Nollywood actress, Tayo Sobola, has recently lost leg after she was attacked in the bush part of an undisclosed village.

Tayo had gone to help in the farm work when she was suddenly attacked and her attacker had to cut off her left leg but was not immediately attended to.

One of Nigeria’s effect practitioners, Hakeem, made the leg amputating possible with his superlative effect creation which made the cut look so real and this film trick was just one of the best.Some fans were taken by the sheer horror of the scene and already start to drop sympathetic messages.

The movie which will be out soon is titled ‘Ilu mi’ and it is expected to wow the audience after they would have watched it, don't get scared. 

Bola Tinubu to be Jailed in the US for smuggling drugs?

General Muhammed Buhari's political partner is a former bagman for two heroin traffickers. But that's just business as usual in Nigeria.

Nigeria's election last month was celebrated as an unlikely victory for democracy in an African country with a tenuous record of free and fair representation. But the man most responsible for midwifing General Muhammed Buhari's ballot triumph over current President Goodluck Jonathan has a spotty CV. Former Lagos provincial governor Bola Tinubu, affectionately nicknamed the Jagaban, is today seen as a shrewd if not "deeply Machiavellian" Svengali in Nigeria's politics as well as the architect of a hugely successful anti-corruption platform. But 20 years ago he had to forfeit nearly half a million dollars to the U.S. Treasury Department after being named as an accomplice in a white heroin-trafficking and money-laundering ring that stretched from West Africa to the U.S. Midwest.

Although his case has been bandied about the Nigerian press for years, Tinubu's involvement in a federal drug and racketeering investigation waged jointly by the DEA, FBI, and IRS has gone unreported elsewhere, even after his ascendance to Karl Rove-like status last month. A recent gauzy Financial Times profile of him, for instance, neglected to mention that two decades ago Tinubu was identified as a bagman for two Nigerian heroin movers who operated out of Chicago and Hammond, Indiana. They were Adegboyega Mueez Akande and Abiodun Agbele, Akande's nephew, who was exposed to law enforcement after selling white heroin first to Lee Andrew Edwards, another dealer later jailed for trying to murder a federal agent, and then to an undercover cop.

In a 1993 court docket from the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Illinois, which The Daily Beast obtained from Sahara Reporters, a Nigeria-focused news outlet, IRS Special Agent Kevin Moss said that Akande had run the white heroin ring in the late 1980s until 1990, when he handed off the U.S arm of the business to his nephew, who had arrived in 1988. Akande then returned to Nigeria but continued to oversee the operation from abroad with the help of others at home and in the United States, including his relatives. One of the individuals identified in his cartel by Moss was Tinubu, then a Chicago State University-educated accountant working as a treasurer for Mobil Oil Nigeria Ltd, a subsidiary of energy giant Mobil Oil, which was still a few years shy of its famous merger with Exxon in 1999.

In the biography section of his official website, Tinubu is described as having emigrated to the United States in 1975 "in search of the proverbial Golden Fleece with a heart brimming with unrelenting determination to achieve his visions." This is certainly one way to describe his tenure stateside.

In 1989, Moss said in an affidavit, Tinubu established an individual money market account, into which he deposited $1,000 in traveler's checks, and a negotiable order of withdrawal account (NOW) at First Heritage Bank in Country Club Hills, Illinois. The address Tinubu gave the bank was the same as the listed headquarters of Globe-Link International, the front company owned by Akande and his relatives.

"There's a trend of various Nigerian politicians at the highest levels involved in dodgy business deals around the world, in property and cash."
Bank employees told Moss that Akande had personally introduced them to Tinubu in December 1989 when who also opened a joint checking account with his wife, Oluremi Tinubu, who already kept a joint account with Akande's wife at First Heritage. Five days after the NOW account was opened, $80,000 was wired into it from a bank in Houston maintained by one of Akande's relatives. Tinubu would later use the NOW account to buy a $10,000 Certificate of Deposit for an $8,000 car loan, listing Akande as his cousin on the application.

At the time, Tinubu's take home as a Mobil Oil Nigeria executive was a mere $2,400 a month and he claimed not to have any other revenue streams. Yet he still managed to deposit $661,000 into his individual money market account in 1990 and then another $1,216,500 a year later. He also opened more accounts with Citibank in its worldwide personal banking unit, transferring over half a million dollars from his First Heritage money market account into one of them in early 1991.

Mobil Oil Nigeria told Moss that Tinubu's role at the company never involved transferring large sums of money between banks and that it didn't keep deposits in any institutions in the south suburbs of Chicago, where First Heritage was based. Moreover, although Tinubu moved back to Nigeria in 1983, he neglected to file U.S. income tax returns after 1984 despite having sizable, interest-generating deposits in American banks. All of this was enough to persuade a magistrate judge of the Northern District to issue seizure warrants for Tinubu's First Heritage and Citibank accounts. Collectively, more than $1.4 million belonging to the Nigerian was confiscated.

Tinubu gave differing accounts for his wealth to Moss. In one phone call from Nigeria, shortly after the U.S. Treasury seized his money, he admitted to wiring $100,000 to Akande's Houston bank account and to receiving the $80,000 from Akande into his First Heritage account. Tinubu also said that apart from one other account in Fairfax, Virginia, he had no other money stashed in U.S. banks.

Except that there were other accounts. Citibank has a worldwide banking division known as Citibank International where Tinubu stashed an additional $550,000. He also controlled an entity called Compass Finance and Investments Company Ltd., of which Akande and Agbele were directors. Still another nexus of money transfers was uncovered by federal investigators, with cash moving from First Heritage to Citibank to Citibank International, where it wound up in Tinubu's personal accounts and in those belonging to Compass Finance and Investments. In a follow-up exchange with law enforcement officers, Tinubu changed his story. Just days after conceding that he'd sent and received money to and from Akande, he insisted that he had no financial or business dealings with Akande or Agbele.

There's no evidence that Tinubu was ever indicted for any crime. He eventually settled with the district court, turning over $460,000 of the seized $1.4 million, with the remainder released back to him. The Beast tried repeatedly to contact Marsha McClellan, the U.S. attorney who prosecuted the case, but was unsuccessful.

"I'm not surprised at all," said Virginia Comolli, a specialist on Nigeria and author of Boko Haram: Nigeria's Islamist Insurgency. "There's a trend of various Nigerian politicians at the highest levels involved in dodgy business deals around the world, in property and cash. Even ones who seem fairly clean turn out to have some dark histories." The perfect case in point is Tinubu's political project and new president-elect of Nigeria, General Muhammed Buhari, who in 1983 helped overthrow a democratically elected government in a military coup d'etat on the grounds that the government was undisciplined and corrupt. "He resorted to brutal methods, beating up people for not queuing properly and imposing limitations on the media," Comolli said. "I think a lot of the votes Buhari got were anti-Jonathan rather than pro-Buhari."

But no doubt, many also came from a savvy fusion of political factions. In February 2013, Tinubu successfully merged his own influential Action Congress party with Buhari's Congress for Progressive Change, resulting in the All Progressives Congress. The marriage united Nigeria's most populous northwest and southwest regions and the ensuing campaign was billed by Tinubu as a "commonsense revolution" against a corrupt and venal incumbency which, in its five years in power, had seen the terrorist group and newly-minted ISIS affiliate Boko Haram thrive. Buhari swept the election with 2.7 million more votes than Jonathan.

Even before that trouncing, however, Tinubu had a relatively positive reputation in Nigeria, according to former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria John Campbell. "He is widely regarded as having been a highly successful governor of Lagos state," he said. "Together with Tinubu's handpicked successor, Babatunde Fashola, Lagos has seen dramatic improvements in everything from practical stuff like garbage collection to the collection of taxes and the provision of public services," Campbell told The Beast. Though even here, the ex-diplomat admits, Tinubu's good governance has been clouded by controversy. "He established a company to do the tax collecting in return for a cut and, at one point, Tinubu and Fashola appeared to be splitting over the percentage of Tinubu's cut."

Drug charges do indeed appear to be the sine qua non for Nigerian high office. The year 1993, when Tinubu's assets were seized, was a turbulent period for Nigeria following the cancellation of a national election and the establishment of a military dictatorship. Moshood Abiola, the rightful winner of that election, was accused of narcotics trafficking. So too is "Prince" Buruji Kashamu from the People's Democratic Party, who has faced extradition back to the United States since 1998. Kashamu was indicted by a federal grand jury in Chicago for being the elusive "Alaji," a globetrotting drug kingpin who smuggled heroin into O'Hare International Airport from Europe and Asia. Piper Kerman, the memoirist who inspired the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, famously worked for Alaji. Kashamu denies the charges and insists that he was purportedly a counterterrorism informant to the U.S. government before and after 9/11, and that the real trafficker was his now-deceased brother.

Despite his party's general loss to the All Progressives Congress, Kashumu was elected in March as senator of the southwest Ogun state. In what appeared to be a magnanimous gesture to the winner, he took out an advertisement praising Tinubu as a role model. The Jagaban was distinctly unimpressed. He trashed the comparison in a statement signed by his media adviser, claiming that for Kashamu "to liken himself to Bola Tinubu is for a small rut to call itself a mountain." Tinubu instructed the "false praise singer" to go face the music in the Windy City before deigning to talk to him.

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Why I apologised to Ekiti People-Fayose

Ekito governor, Ayodele Fayose has explained why he begged for forgiveness from the people of the state, especially the 19 aggrieved All Progressives Congress (APC) lawmakers..Speaking through one of his media aides, Mr. Lere Olayinka,he told Encomuim
“Governor Fayose is the number one person in Ekiti as of today. He is a leader per excellence. He must not see himself trading words with any individual or group.

“Although, his statement is political, it’s just to ensure there is peace in the land. But let me tell you, the case of the 19 lawmakers is zero. Omirin himself couldn’t come to Ekiti to vote during the election. He was in Idanre throughout the period. Why must he run from the people he claims he loves?

“They are all afraid because they are not only fighting Fayose, they are fighting the people of Ekiti State. They are fighting the artisans, students, workers, National Union of Road Transport Workers and others. And how can you be fighting your people and win them? How do you fight the wind and win? It’s not possible.

“They should be moving freely if they are sure of the cause they are pursuing. If there is anyone that should be afraid after the governor himself, I think it should be me but I am so free. As I speak to you now, I just finished eating and drinking and I am driving home freely. I am from Oke Mesi. I can’t say I am afraid of my people, I now run away from them. That means my hands are not clean. They should check themselves.”

Just like I said, Fayose’s action to apologise to the people of Ekiti doesn’t mean he’s afraid of anybody but to create an avenue for dialogue so that the state can move forward.”

Being divorced does not make me a failure-Kate Henshaw

Since Kate Henshaw's divorce, the mother of one hasn't been linked to any man .She got married to Roderick Nuttal in 1999 before they divorced in 2011..In a chat with City People, she said being divorced doesn't make her a failure...
“Haven’t you seen people who have been married for 20 to 25 years and divorced? I am not perfect, no one is. We all have our low moments. It does not mean I am a failure. Everybody goes through patches in life.”

Marriage has not stopped me from kissing people in the crowd-Peter Okoye

One half of Psquare, Peter Okoye has opened up to Vanguard Allure on his life,career ,marriage and relationship with his brothers..Excerpts

 How does it feel being married?

It feels great. I won’t say I’m more responsible now because I have been responsible long before getting married. I have two kids. One way marriage has changed me is, I now know what our parents went through in raising us.For me, I’m now more composed. I try not to worry too much. I’m more focused because I need to work hard to look after my family.
 Has your life changed since you became a father and has it, in any way, affected you and your career?

Yes, absolutely! My life has changed but it hasn’t affected my life. I still show my six packs. I still kiss people in the crowd. I still take my semi-nude pictures, travel etc. I’m still me and it’s all still part of the business.
 On singing in Igbo

Sometimes, if we don’t sing in Igbo, our people will crucify us (laughs). If you listen to P-Square, you will hear Igbo, English, Pidgin English; even French we try. For us, English is a universal language and I’m not singing in Igbo to try and please my people but I like to inculcate my culture through music.
 On rumours that P-Square is planning to split or has split.

Not at all. We just had a minor quarrel just like everyone who has siblings would. We fight and make-up; we fought many times last year but we still go on stage and perform and nobody knows. I can’t come out and say Paul and I have never fought.It’s like a couple who has been married for over 20 years would come out and say they have never fought. It’s impossible; we are humans. It’s a normal thing.
On rumours their brother, Jude has resigned as Psquare's manager.

It’s the same thing; family quarrels. We argued and made-up. He didn’t resign. We are still working together and, even when we quarrel, we don’t allow it to collide with business. There is a line drawn there.
You guys portray an image of living luxurious lives with jets and lavish cars. How has this affected your image in the public eye?

It didn’t affect us. As a matter of fact, it made us even stronger. A lot of people think we are showing off but the truth is if we were not showing off, you would not know what we are worth. If you see me on okada, you won’t pay me ten million to come and do a concert. They say, everything we do – people post it; everything we have, we show off and that we are not Dangote. My dear, Dangote is not in showbiz. Whatever we do, we do because that’s the way it’s supposed to be. What we do is show-business. It’s a show and it’s business so that’s what we do.

APC accuses Jonathan's administration of 'last minute dubious activities''

The All Progressives Congress has accused the Jonathan administration of last minute dubious activities, threatening to probe all actions of his government after the March 28 elections .
In a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, they allege there is looking and privatizing of key financial institutions by key officials of the out-going Jonathan-led administration.
The APC says while it won't waste time probing the Jonathan administration, all activities of the president after March 28 presidential elections will be looked into

The statement read,
 ‘’For example, the National Council on Privatisation, which is headed by the Vice-President, has just approved the financial bid opening for transaction advisers for the privatisation of the three development finance institutions in the country – the Bank of Agriculture, Bank of Industry and Nigeria Commodity Exchange. The question is: What is the rationale for rushing this exercise with just weeks left for this administration?

“Also, there have been reports, not refuted, of a planned hurried recruitment into the Nigeria Immigration Service, after a previous attempt ended in a national tragedy and the fleecing of innocent job seekers by mindless Federal Government officials. Apart from the fact that this last-minute recruitment is suspect, it is irregular.
“The Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Services Board is only empowered to recruit, promote and discipline only senior officers (levels eight and above). The power to recruit, promote and discipline junior officers is vested in the different services, in this case the Nigeria Immigration Service.
“Therefore, the recruitment exercise now being conducted by the federal civil service under the auspices of the Presidential Committee to Assist on Immigration Recruitment usurps the functions of the board as it relates to the recruitment of Senior Officers (level 08) and that of the immigration service as it relates to Junior Officers (levels 07 and below).”
The party also called the attention of Jonathan to a published report that the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Mohammed, plans to use the Federal Capital Development Authority to carry out a secret employment of no fewer than 500 workers before the end of the month.
‘’We do not know if this report, as well as others, is true. But if indeed these rushed privatisation and hurried recruitment exercises – in the twilight of the Jonathan administration – are true, they raise serious questions concerning the reasons behind such actions.”
The APC urged Jonathan to call his officials to order in order to save him of embarrassment.

It said it was such recklessness that led to the downfall of Jonathan’s administration and it would be unfair to bequeath such to the Buhari administration.
“We are therefore compelled to call on President Jonathan to call his officials to order, lest they engage in actions that can later embarrass his administration.

Ogun school girl kidnapped & taken to Libya freed after one year

Precious Nwaigwe, the 15-year-old girl kidnapped in the Ajah area of Lagos State, while on her way to school in Ogun State, has been returned to Lagos about a year after her abduction.
Punch Metro learnt that detectives at the State Criminal Investigation Department, together with men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, rescued the girl.She was said to have been dropped off in the Obalende area of Lagos State on Friday. 
Our correspondent had exclusively reported on January 27, 2015, that Precious had come to Lagos from her school to spend the holiday with her father in the Ajah area of the state.
Her father, Okoro, had told our correspondent that he took her to the Sangotedo Motor Park when it was time for her to go back to school.He said he bid his daughter farewell on the fateful day, May 24, 2014, without knowing the vehicle she boarded was owned by kidnappers.

It was reported that a few weeks after the journey, the Nwaigwes got a call from Precious’s school, Ikenne Community College, Ikenne, Ogun State, that she had yet to arrive in the school.
It was reported that about two months after the kidnap, the victim’s parents got a call from the kidnappers in the Niger Republic, who demanded a ransom of $100,000.The kidnappers threatened to make Precious work for the ransom, if it was not paid.
Our correspondent later reported that Precious had been sold to a pimp, who told her parents that “it is just business”.
The victim’s father had expressed helplessness and frustration, saying the family had become bankrupt from spending much without getting any result.
The matter was later taken over by SARS, where it was discovered that the victim had been sold to Libya.It was also didcovered that a relative of the girl was involved in the kidnap.
Our correspondent learnt that one of the suspects, Kelvin Kizito, opened up to the police after undergoing a series of interrogations.
The source said, 
“This Kelvin had been arrested for some time now, and he had been reluctant to release information.But he was made to undergo some serious interrogations and drillings, and afterwards, he said he should be allowed access to a phone.
“When he was given the phone, he called one of his people and told them to release the girl because the game was up.
“The girl was released from Libya and on Friday she arrived in Lagos. She was dropped off at Obalende.”
Precious’ father confirmed that his daughter had been found.
He said, “Yes, she’s been found. I am just leaving the village and coming to Lagos as well. I will give you some more details later.”

I Will Probe and Recover That Missing $20billion From NNPC –General Buhari

Keep calm Nigerians, our monies will recovered from all those who thought they were wiser than all of us. The President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, has declared that his administration would take a closer look at the claim by the ex-Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, now Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, that $20bn which was supposed to be remitted by the NNPC to the federation account, could not be unaccounted for by powerful people in Jonathan's government.
Buhari warned that he is not ready to joke with anybody when it comes to Nigeria's money. He said, “On the issue of corruption, I heard that some people have started returning money. I will not believe it until I go and see for myself."

Buhari said this while receiving a delegation of party supporters and newly elected officials on the platform of the All Progressives Congress from Adamawa State at his campaign office in Abuja.

The President-Elect expressed surprise that instead of probing the allegations by the former CBN governor, the government of Jonathan chose to fire him. Buhari said that was a very wrong move.

According to him, since Sanusi’s claim was documented, his administration will probe the allegations in all sincerity and recover the money from all those involved, no matter how highly placed.

“You all know what the Emir of Kano talked about when he was the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He said $20 billion dollars, not naira, $20 billion dollars, was unaccounted for; they said it was a lie. Instead of investigating it, they sacked him."
Buhari has thus assured that Nigerians will start experiencing real governance from May 29, 2015.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Patience Jonathan's attitude contributed to GEJ's defeat-PDP Chief

Bayelsa State publicity secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mr. Osom Makbere, has said President Goodluck Jonathan lost the March 28 presidential election due to international and domestic conspiracies..In an interview with Punch, the lawyer said
“History has stated that no failure, defeat or loss is a product of a single factor. Jonathan’s loss could be blamed on a multiplicity of interwoven causes.

“Jonathan was a victim and target of international cum domestic esoteric codes and conspiracies. On the international level, the passage of the anti-gay legislation led to criticisms and face-off with the US, and the West.

“The strides made in the economic sphere, especially domestic rice promotion, calculated by the Jonathan administration to flip economic growth, and boost import substitution, also negatively alerted the West. The shift to China for our railway transformation, and recently, the migration to Russia for arms and ammunition to quelling the insurgency also signalled to the West that Jonathan had started constituting a self-reliant and dependent nation-state, a feat seen too tall by the US and their allies in the West.

“The aforesaid international factors found room to flourish given the obstinacy and impudence on the part of Mrs. Jonathan. The end result of her personal ambition to plant ‘self-made’ governors triggered face-offs with some governors.”
On APC , he said
“I can tell you that this APC will be worse than the PDP as there is already imminent fear of implosion. “In Kano, for instance, the APC got all 40 constituencies. This meant that none of the PDP candidates were popular enough to emerge but, the PDP maintained their calm and stoicism.

“We do not know what the APC wants. Whenever they win, the PDP congratulates them, but whenever the PDP wins, the APC would induce the election observers and the electoral officers to call for a re-run or cancellation. That is the zenith of desperation.”

Pastor Dupes Lady Of Her N4m After Promising Her Marriage

Wonders shall never end. A 32-year-old cleric, Pastor Abel Benard Aniude of Trimphant Kings Assembly, Enugu, has been nabbed by police detectives for allegedly duping a 25-year-old lady, Ojiaku Chiamaka of N4 million.

The pastor was said to have wooed Chia­maka on facebook in December 2013 and promised her marriage. Using preparations for the marriage as a bait, he alleg­edly swindled the lady over N4m.

Pastor's Confession:

Giving details of what transpired between him and Chiamaka, Pastor Aniude told Saturday Sun: “I am an Assistant Pas­tor with Triumphant Kings Assembly. I have been in ministry for five years now. I am jobless.

“I met Chiamaka on facebook in Decem­ber, 2013. I promised to marry her. Then, she started sending money to my bank account in Enugu. I visited her at Ibadan twice and collected the sum of N1million from her.”

“I have to send my wife away with my two kids from my house to Aba. When I told my wife that I wanted to marry a second wife but she refused, that prompted me to send her packing.

“I used part of the money Chiamaka was sending to buy a car and built a bungalow in my village at Nochele Ndeaboli in Aliri Local Government Area, Enugu State.

“I deceived her that I wanted to marry her on Christmas day, December 25, 2014. I also lied to her that I had a motor accident. I rescheduled it for February 14, 2015. I lied to her again that armed robbers attacked me. I rescheduled it for Easter period, April 4, 2015 before the police anti-kidnappers squad arrested my wife, my Pastor Sam Ezenagu before I was arrested”.

Victim Recounts Ordeal
In her own account of the scam, Chiam­aka explained: “I met Pastor Abel Bernard Aniude on facebook in December 2013 and we started chatting on facebook. Pastor Abel deceived me that he wanted to marry me. I worked in the shop of my brother, Emmauel Ojiaku who sells electronics in Ibadan. I started to send N700,000 and N300,000 to Pastor Abel through his UBA and Diamond account numbers.

“In July 2014, Pastor Abel came to Ibadan and lodged in a hotel and after hav­ing sex with me, I gave him N300,000. Also on September, 2014, Pastor Abel came to Ibadan and lodged again in same hotel and after having sex me, I gave him N700,000. I don’t known how I ended up sending N4 million into his bank accounts.”

She pleaded that her brother should forgive her. “My family should forgive me. I was deceived. I have learnt my lesson in a hard way”, she cried.

The pastor was arrested by police detectives at his No 42 Odudukoko street, Gariki Awku­nanaw, Enugu State on April 13 following complaints filed by the victim.

Obasanjo Speaks: Leaders are happy Buhari defeated Jonathan

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has revealed that countries across the African continent are happy over the outcome of the presidential election in Nigeria, which saw the defeat of incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan by the APC wind of change led by General Muhammadu Buhari.

Obasanjo said his checks in a number of African countries suggested they were as happy over the result of the election as majority of Nigerians are.
He referred to Goodluck Jonathan as a moving train who was providentially stopped from collapsing Nigeria. 
In his words: “I have visited six countries since the election, they are as happy about the results as we are in Nigeria. It is good not only for Nigeria, it is good for Africa and I believe it is good for the world.”

Obasanjo, who led the African Union Observation Mission to the April 2015 General Election in Sudan, spoke on Thursday at a Washington DC event.

The former president described Nigeria as a country that obsessively plays “a dangerous game of moving close to the precipice”.

He said the country came close to disintegration in the run-up to the 2015 elections but switched swiftly to the path of redemption after the polls. “I hope we will not fall over one of these days,” he said.

Describing his role in the election as that of a person standing on the track of a moving train, Obasanjo said during the countdown to the elections, he faced the option of “jumping off” the tracks or “be crushed” if the train did not providentially get “derailed and stop.”

He said he did not jump and was not crushed adding that “at every stage, there must be leaders imbued with sufficient courage and will to stand firm when you have to stand firm.”

He described the results of the elections as what Nigerians “deserve”!

Shocking Story of How a 'Naval Officer’ Conned and Lured Woman into Sham Wedding

A man who claimed to be an officer of the Nigerian Navy is currently enmeshed in what could best be described as a fraudulent marriage.

The man identified as Edward Benosa and who claimed to be attached to NNS Apapa, Lagos, wedded a lady (name withheld) in a Catholic church in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State in June 2014 while his first marriage was still intact.

Edward, it was gathered, allegedly tricked the woman in question to foot the bills of the wedding after he reportedly showed her  a post- dated cheque of N1 million with which he claimed he intended to refund the expenses incurred by the lady.

Sunday Sun gathered that the naval officer met the lady in 2013 through a friend and they dated until
the lady became pregnant early in 2014.The lady who was a youth corps member as at the time they met, a reliable source explained, was also into business.
“Along the line, a lady started calling her on phone telling her to leave her husband but she took it as one of those things, thinking the caller was Edward’s ex-girlfriend. When he confronted Edward with it, he allegedly swore with his life that he had never been married and neither did he have any child,” the source disclosed.
Not pleased with his explanation, the lady demanded to meet his parents, a demand Edward acceded to.
 “When they got to Lagos, the guy took her to Iba. On getting there, she saw the guy’s mother living with four children. She asked whose children they were and he told her that the children were his sister’s children. 
They later retired to a hotel room where the guy lodged her and the lady asked him if he doesn’t have a house in Lagos. He responded by telling her that he lived in the same apartment with his mother but he could not lodge her there because he didn’t want his mother to see him camping a lady he had not married formally in his room because his mother knew him to be a pious person. 
The lady said at that point she began to suspect that something was fishy. She said anytime she went to his mother’s house alone the children were always at liberty to play around but immediately Edward stepped in they would disappear. 
She later decided to ask the mother whose children they were. Shockingly, the mother, who had earlier lied about the children, later said they were Edward’s children few weeks before the wedding. She told the woman that her son told her that the children were his sister’s. Then the mother reportedly told her not to be bothered about the children since Edward didn’t formally marry their mother and since the children were not going to live with them after their wedding.
When her pregnancy was four –months-old, Edward was said to have mooted the idea of getting the pregnancy terminated to the lady on the ground that he was financially handicapped at the period, a suggestion the lady kicked against because, according to her, the suggestion was against her faith.

According to the source, Edward claimed that his salary and other allowances were being withheld by the Nigerian Navy along with some other naval personnel for their refusal to embark on a military assignment.
“Edward later told her to look for money so that they could get married. He showed her a cheque of N1 million, which he claimed was given to him by his boss. The cheque, he said, would mature after the wedding and the lady would be able to recoup the expenses she incurred on the wedding. So they fixed a June, 2014 date for the wedding.
The lady, it was gathered, later secured a N500,000 loan from a bank with the intention of repaying the loan when the cheque matures after the wedding.

Curiously, Sunday Sun learnt that the lady was always responsible for Edward’s transport fares to and fro Enugu, his hotel bills and other expenses based on the understanding that his salaries were being withheld.

As preparations for the marriage approached its crucial stage, they were given Marriage Ban, a document would-be couple is expected to fill and sign with which the announcement of their proposed union would be made in their respective churches, but Edward refused to sign the document in his church in Lagos.

Sensing the implication of Edward’s refusal to sign the document the lady alongside Edward decided to make a private arrangement and got the document signed.

Since they had both agreed that the church wedding and the traditional wedding would hold on same day, Edward, who had repeatedly dodged the lady’s request to take her to his village in Delta State claiming he could not guarantee the safety of her pregnancy should she insist on visiting his village, succeeded in deceiving her.
“She wanted to go to his village but he said because she was pregnant. Let me use his language, “there are many witches in my village and I don’t want them to kill your unborn baby” so the lady did not travel to his village. 
But when the man gave the name of his village in Delta State as Uzoro Village, the lady sent her younger brother to help her locate the said village. Her younger brother was said to have travelled to Delta State but could not locate the village within the local government area he was told the village was situated. 
Before the wedding, they went to buy souvenirs and then returned to the hotel where Edward lodged. Then his phone rang but unfortunately for the guy, he was in the bathroom. So the lady had enough time to copy and save the number, she did not pick the call. When Edward returned, she told him to pick his call but he refused, claiming that the person calling him was a customer he was helping in clearing some goods, the source informed.
The lady, it was learnt, later called the number and the receiver would only compound her fear and suspicion.
 “When she called the number the receiver said, ‘I have been waiting for you. I am currently living with Edward and we have three children. I am your Ibo sister from Imo State. Why are you doing this to your sister?’ She told her to ask Edward if what she said was untrue and to request Edward to take her to where he lived and where his belongings were,” the source said.
When confronted with the allegation, Edward, it was gathered denied having any wife or children saying, the caller was one of his ex-girl friends.
“The lady later confronted Edward’s mother with the same allegation but she also denied that his son was married to any woman. With this you can understand that the mother was also part of the whole fraudulent plan,” the source disclosed further.
A day to the wedding, Edward, Sunday Sun learnt, arrived with only his shirt and jeans trousers without any bag. The lady who was dumbfounded hurriedly went out with him and bought his suit along with that of his younger brother, who was the best man.

The lady who had expected that their wedding ceremony would be graced by naval personnel was further shocked as no naval personnel showed up at the wedding.
“As I am speaking to you the lady doesn’t know if the guy is truly a naval officer because the usual sword crossing which is a part of the ceremony when military officers are getting married did not take place during their wedding. 
On the wedding day, the mother came with four other guests. They finished the church wedding and went to her village for the traditional wedding and the following day, which was a Sunday, they went for thanksgiving. And on the next day, which was Monday, Edward returned to Lagos. 
Shortly after Edward returned to Lagos he started admitting that he was already married and that he has children. The woman who called her earlier also called back to taunt her, saying ‘I told you that you shouldn’t go ahead to marry him (Edward) and that he is my husband,” the source said.
Sunday Sun gathered that the lady was delivered of a baby boy in January but Edward had failed to live up to his responsibility as he was said to have abandoned the lady and her child.

But when contacted, Edward insisted that he is a naval officer but denied having been married to two other women before his marriage to the lady.
“It is not true that I have been married twice. I only married once before my marriage to her (the lady),” he said.
While expressing regrets over what he called a mistake on his part, Edward said the lady failed to yield to his advice that the pregnancy be terminated.
“The only mistake I made is that I went for the wedding, “ Edward lamented.

Rochas Okorocha, Ikpeazu Win Imo & Abia Governorship

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has been declared the winner of the Imo State Governorship election after a re-run on Saturday. He won in 20 out of the 23 LGAs in Imo; polling 31,326 votes. His total vote tally stood at 416,996 votes out of the total 806,764 votes cast in the election.

Trailing Rochas was Ihedioha of the PDP who polled 320,705 votes and Emmanuel Ihenacho of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) who came a distant third with 28,434 votes.

In neighbouring Abia State, INEC declared the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Okezie Ikpeazu, the winner of the Abia State governorship election. Mr Ikpeazu polled 264,713 to defeat the candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, Alex Otti, who polled 180,882 votes.

The result was declared in the early hours of Sunday after the supplementary election of Saturday.

Actress Anne Njemanze Runs for Dear Life as her 2nd Marriage Crashes

How a man would raise his hand and beat a woman he once swore to forever protect, not just once but severally, even up to a point of causing her brutal body pain, still baffles me till tomorrow.

According to reports by inside sources, Nollywood actress Anne Njemanze's second marriage to hubby Silver Ojieson has crashed. And domestic violence is reportedly the cause. Though sources obviously on Silver's side say the marriage crashed because of Anne's lifestyle. They allege that she refused to drop the lifestyle she picked up from 10 years of living as a single woman, after her marriage with actor Segun Arinze crashed in 2003.

Both parties however, all agree that the marriage has ended. Silver actually moved out of Ann's home
July last year.

Sources obviously on Silver' side say Ann allegedly kept late nights, drank too much and clubbed a lot. A lifestyle that Mr Ojieson who lives a quiet life could not continue with. While some other sources added that Anne might have been under pressure to have child for Ojieson who is said to be the only son.

When Nigeriafilms contacted the actress, she was reluctant to speak and was very cautious if the reporter was her husband's friend. She had reportedly queried:

"Who are you? Or are you a friend to my husband? Let me understand." When it was clear to her that it was just a journalist, she simply said:

"Well, really I don't care for these things and little gossips." Other questions that was directed to her, didn't get any response.

On the other hand, other sources alleged the cause of the crash was the frequent beatings Anne received from Silver. Beatings so severe that she was left injured and hiding. Things got to a stage she even suffered a dislocated shoulder. Their home in Lagos was filled with cries of fighting and serious beatings literally every morning and night.

Ann and lecturer, Silver Ojieson who is younger than her, got married in 2013 and when she was asked in an interview back then in 2013 whether she was afraid that her 2nd marriage might crash again, Ann had said:

"No! I reject it. Me and Silver have our differences, just like other couples do, but it is not enough to say, we no do again. Before we got married, we told ourselves that divorce and separation are no option. I thank Segun Arinze!! Without him I wouldn't have met my Silver.''Anne has since gone back to bearing her maiden name on Facebook and changed her relationship status from ''Married''.

Mercy Johnson & husband looking lovely at their son's dedication

Mercy Johnson Okojie and her hubby looked lovely in their attires as they attended their son, Prince Henry Okojie's dedication in church this morning. See another photo after the cut..

Photo credit: Make-up artist @Jojostouch
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