Saturday, May 18, 2013

ABOMINATION: Secondary School Students Caught Doing It. (Video)

This is crazy and dirty; see secondary students performing stunts that their mum and dad not perform the girl is so busy riding the guys horse. I wonder why they couldn’t hold their selves and get somewhere more private,
Any ways no let your mother know o . . .  me I don run o
See video after cut . . . Viewers Discretion adviced
the video is too dirty for my blog check it here


  1. What can i say, secondary school students dropping it like its hot. Moral decadence has taken over our society, little or no societal values. This is an eye opener to parents. Train a child in a way and when he grows he would never depart from it. But the question is can u give what you dont have? This is a food for thought.....

  2. Our daughters of to day shd be prayed for! Especially those in both High and Tertiary Institutions. Lord have mercy on us!!!!!!!!!!!!


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