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Graphic photo: Girl dies after being electrocuted by power bank in Ghana  

A young Ghanaian girl identified as Blandine (pictured above) was on May 25th electrocuted to death after the power bank she was using to charge her phone got stuck on her skin and electrocuted her. According to reports from Dumsor, Ghana, the girl was chatting with a friend when she fell asleep and placed the power bank she was using to charge her phone around her breast region. She had connected the power bank to an electricity source so it can charge when power is restored. As power was restored to her area, their was a power surge, the power bank got heated and got stuck on her skin, electrocuting her to death. Her parents found her dead. So sad! Pic of the deceased after the cut

Photos: Thief caught at Mambilla hostel at Kaduna Poly at past 1am

A Blog reader tells the story. Read below...

Woke up to the noise of students from IMO hall of the Mambila hostel of Kaduna Polytechnic, main campus, screaming out loud, saying 'throw him down'. Seems he walked into a room which wasn't his and tried to move phones of the occupants, and he was caught, he got some really good beating tho. When he was asked by someone who recognised him as Stainless, he said he was on his "trips" which means he was under the influence and he forgot his room and walked into the wrong room. After a lot of beatings, the dean of Student Affairs came to pick him up at about 1:40am and said he would handle the issue.

Woman tells how Nigerian lover proposed after 6 months,confessed he married her for Visa(Photo)


Deana Charles was left humiliated when her Nigerian groom was found texting another woman just half an hour after their wedding. Then he admitted he only married her for a visa.

Sales assistant Deana, from Tiverton, Devon, met Ben, 25, on a dating site in 2010. She was instantly attracted to his looks and was hooked after he struck up a flirty conversation with her. 
“My whole world came crashing down when I found out my marriage was a fake. I loved Ben with all my heart. We’d made loads of plans for the future and he seemed desperate to start a family
.”I wasn’t serious about finding love, I’d only signed up for a bit of a laugh. As soon as I saw Ben’s picture, though, I was smitten. He had gorgeous brown eyes and a great body — just my type. We started chatting and he explained he’d come to the UK from Nigeria to study for a business degree. I couldn’t imagine being so far away from my family and friends and I told him he was really brave.”

Ben was persistent online and was keen to meet up as soon as possible. Deana was nervous at first but, three months after they started talking, she agreed to travel to London to meet him for a day of sightseeing. She continued:
“It was the perfect first date. Ben took me to see Big Ben and we went to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. As soon as we shared our first kiss I could feel myself falling for him.
He asked me to stay for a few days and I said yes. It felt like I’d known him for ages.”
Days turned into weeks and, after a fleeting visit home to pick up some belongings, Deana agreed to move in with Ben in Catford, South East London.
“I was surprised when he asked me to move in with him so soon but I was also really excited. But my mum was really concerned that I was giving up everything for someone I’d only just met.Some of my friends said the same. No one was completely sure of him. I just shrugged off their concerns because I was convinced he was the right man for me.”In August 2011, six months after they first met in person, Ben popped the question.
“Ben asked me to marry him while we were having breakfast at home. It wasn’t very romantic. He didn’t even get down on one knee, but he did buy me an imitation diamond ring. I was shocked he wanted to marry me so soon but I was completely in love.”

Though she’d dreamt of a big, romantic wedding, Ben was determined to wed as soon as possible. So Deana agreed to a register office wedding in January 2012, with a low-key reception at a local Chinese restaurant.
“My family were concerned but they all turned out and supported me. When I walked down the aisle Ben told me I looked stunning. And I meant every word of my vows.”After the ceremony, Deana urged Ben to call his family to tell them the good news.
“He was reluctant to get his phone out. He eventually agreed to call his mum but when I looked over his shoulder at the screen, a message flashed up from a girl. She’d texted Ben to tell him she loved and missed him. My legs turned to jelly as I remembered she was his ex-girlfriend in Nigeria. was in pieces but Ben begged me for another chance. He said he’d only text her because of last-minute nerves. I didn’t want to storm out of my wedding so, after lots of tears, I let it go.”
“I wanted to wait a few years before getting pregnant as I was still worried about the message. But Ben was determined to be a dad. I thought it was his way of showing he was serious. We tried for a baby but we struggled to conceive.”
 But 13 months into their marriage, Deana borrowed Ben’s laptop and her worst fears were confirmed.
“My heart stopped when I saw he’d been sending messages to a girl on a social network site and she had sent him explicit pictures. Ben told her he loved her and wanted a baby with her.
Minutes later I received a message from the girl — she felt so guilty, she’d messaged me to come clean.”
 Devastated Deana confronted Ben.
“When he realised there was no way back, he told me he’d only married me for a visa. It explained why he’d been so keen to get me pregnant — the authorities would find it harder to deport him.”Disgusted Deana packed her bags, returned to Devon the next day and filed for divorce. After two years, Ben finally agreed to it. Deana says:

“I felt relieved. Looking back, I realise how naive I was. Ben was due to finish his degree when he proposed, which meant his student visa would expire. He had to get me up the aisle as soon as possible.”
 Deana, who has not spoken to Ben since their divorce and no longer knows where he lives, says:
“It took me a long time to trust another man but I have recently met someone and am trying to move on.”
 Ben says:

“My mate used to send me dirty pictures of girls he was seeing. I knew my wife would get jealous if she saw them on my phone so I got rid of them or sent them to my email. She must have checked my email that day and then found the pictures.”
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Meet the girl who refuses to shave her hairy body

A female university student has revealed she doesn't shave her body hair.Yasmin Gasimova bared all her hair in a blog post, and even showed off her downy black belly hair in a series of pictures.
The 19-year-old from Reading says the only hair grooming she undertakes is on her face - and she removes her natural beard only when she can be bothered.

The first year student at Liverpool University is studying computer science and philosophy. She says she's spent the last eight years not caring about her body hair - and only shaving her legs when she wants a one night stand.

Writing for student newspaper The Tab, Yasmin said:

"Being hairy isn't scary. In a society where women are expected to shave, I'm not ashamed to admit I don't.I might trim my pubes if I'm going on holiday, but catch me on a normal day when my armpits are bushy and my legs furry, and you might be surprised."
Brunette Yasmin recalls being bullied at school when moustache hairs started to sprout on her upper lip when she was just 10-years-old.
"I was trying to shave my noticeably hairy stomach, "I was never not self-conscious of my hair, but now I embrace it.I stopped caring when I was 11, as having naturally thick, fast-growing hair meant I'd need to waste an hour just to get prickly dots on my legs, which would grow back in a week.It's a huge inconvenience for me, as it never made me feel comfortable, gave me loads of ingrown hairs, and my hairless legs wouldn't match the rest of my hairy body."If I do shave, which is very, very rare, it's for absolute necessity.
"If I'm going on a beach holiday, having swimming lessons, or if I'm trying to pull a one night stand, I'll shave.
"I still unfortunately prefer the inconvenience of shaving to the inevitable dirty looks and rejection."
She says women should embrace themselves the way they were created
  "Although women have just as much body hair, albeit generally thinner and lighter, as a society we have decided they have to be completely hairless in order to be seen as truly feminine."But nothing about a woman's natural body should make her feel like less of a woman."
"There is also nothing dirty or unclean about body hair," she continued.
"Besides, we shouldn't hold women to a higher standard of cleanliness than men.
"This is the reality of a woman's body, and it shouldn't be hidden away."

Culled from Uk Mirror

Footballer kills mechanic over age difference(Photo)

Disagreement over age difference has led to the death of a mechanic, Moruf Sanni, in the Yaba area of Lagos State.
PUNCH Metro learnt that Moruf and a resident, identified simply as Somebody, had first fought on Sunday night.
The fight was reportedly over age rivalry as Somebody claimed to be older than Moruf, while the 23-year-old victim said he was older and deserved to be respected by the former.Some elders in the community were said to have intervened and mediated between the duo
However, on Monday, our correspondent was told that Somebody called one Jacob to beat up the victim and teach him a lesson.
Jacob, a 20-year-old footballer from Afikpo North, Ebonyi State, was said to have accosted the victim and stabbed him several times in the neck and head until he gave up the ghost.

The incident happened on Ajoke Street in Ago village, Iwaya,Yaba.A resident, Sikiru Alabi, said he was attracted to the scene of the incident by the noise made by residents. 
Alabi, who described Moruf as a hardworking mechanic, said he met both the suspect and victim’s corpse tied together in the midst of a crowd.
“That fateful Monday, around 7.30am, I heard people speaking that somebody had been killed.I did not want to go there, but when I learnt it was Moruf that was involved, I decided to see things for myself.On getting to the scene, I saw that the boy was dead. He was stabbed in the neck and head. The boy, who killed him, had also been arrested by the community and was chained to the corpse. People put the corpse on his shoulders and asked him to carry his load.”
He said to prevent a mob action, he quickly alerted policemen from the Sabo division.Moruf’s father, Lukman, a taxi driver, said he had gone to look for fuel and when he returned, a neighbour told him what happened.
“Somebody ran to my house. He said a strange man was fighting with my son. I immediately rushed there, only to see the corpse of my son.The suspect was tied to my son’s corpse. I simply thanked him for killing my son and walked away.”
Our correspondent gathered that the victim’s mother, on seeing her dead son, lost her mind.
A relative, who did not identify herself, told PUNCH Metro that it was the second time in three years that such calamity would befall the family.
She said,
 “February 20 of this year made it exactly three years that the first child of the family was killed.“A police stray bullet hit him when the police came to look for some hoodlums. So, when this one happened again, their mother just ran away and has not been seen since then.”
Our correspondent learnt that she could also not be reached on the telephone since the incident happened.
PUNCH Metro was told that Moruf’s body had been deposited in a mortuary while the suspect had been arrested by the police.Moruf’s father urged the police to release his corpse to the family for burial.
A police source, however, told our correspondent that the suspect did not talk about the age difference issue in his confessional statement.The source said, 
“He said they went for a birthday party on Sunday night and it was there they had a disagreement.The following morning, he confronted Moruf and the deceased then brought out a knife which he collected from him.
“He said Moruf then got a bottle and it was while he wanted to block him from using it that it mistakenly stabbed him in the neck.”

Army dismisses 200 soldiers for failure to capture Sambisa forest

The Nigeria Army at the Rukuba Barracks in Jos, Plateau State, has dismissed about 200 soldiers from service for their failure to capture the Sambisa Forest, a notorious hideout for Boko Haram terrorists in Borno State.They were dismissed for laxity and cowardice in the course of duty.

According to Vanguard,one of the affected soldiers, Aguloye Sunday, an indigene of Ondo State, who confirmed the dismissal to journalists in Jos, said they were arraigned on a two-count charge of “failure to perform military duty and disobedience to standing order.”

He, however, argued that they would seek redress in court as the charges pressed against him and his colleagues were “untrue, false and malicious.”
Denying the claim by the army authorities that the soldiers abandoned their duties and ran away, Mr Sunday explained that sufficient weapons were not provided for them to fight the terrorists and, therefore, they ran out of weapons.He also said the weapons provided for the troops were obsolete.According to him,
“the bombs given to us were made in 1964; they were expired, so we could not use them.“Each of us was given five bullets, not five rounds, to fire. While in the forest, our biggest weapon was to cover just a distance of 400 meters, but our enemy had aircraft weapons that could cover a distance of more than 1,000 metres, aside other dangerous weapons.“We only retreated to our base and waited in vain for ammunition for three days.”
Meanwhile, Nigerian Army has said the figure being bandied was incorrect and that no dismissals were pre-planned by the Army High Command.

Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Col. S. K. Usman, in a statement, said:
 “On disciplinary action being taken against some soldiers for cowardice and desertion in the face of enemies, especially as regards the fight against Boko Haramterrorists, most of the stories and figure being peddled are far from accurate.
“Disciplinary processes or trials are never done with prior intention to dismiss anyone in the Nigerian Army. The only intention is to dispense justice and even at that, due process is normally followed.”

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You are messing with the wrong person-Stella Damasus to critics of her ''Bible Photo''

A few days back,Stella Damasus shared a photo of her reading the bible by a pool.She said people were stunned to see someone reading a bible by a pool.Now,she says she head some have been going crazy over that post,saying she is too sinful to carry a bible..
"So i just got information that some bloggers have been going crazy because of my post with my BIBLE. According to them, I am too sinful to carry the bible or talk about God. When I found out that these people live in Nigeria I was wondering how my love for God and his word was more important to them than the crisis facing the nation that they should be talking about. Instead of me to get angry, I rejoiced and praised my God because I realized that the enemy cannot handle where God is taking me and the blessings that are coming my way, so he is doing all he can to push my buttons. This is my response "you are messing with the wrong person so stop wasting your time". To all those who feel ashamed or are worried about spreading the good news of Christ because of what people may say; don't let the enemy shut your mouth. Don't let him put fear or intimidation in front of you. Don't let him stop you from carrying out your assignment. Most importantly, let God fight your battles but keep spreading his word regardless. #blockoutthehaters #iamtooblessedtobestressed #Godpikin #iloveJesus #annointed #childofGod #princessinhiscourt"

You are messing with the wrong person-Stella Damasus to critics of her ''Bible Photo''

A few days back,Stella Damasus shared a photo of her reading the bible by a pool.She said people were stunned to see someone reading a bible by a pool.Now,she says she head some have been going crazy over that post,saying she is too sinful to carry a bible..
"So i just got information that some bloggers have been going crazy because of my post with my BIBLE. According to them, I am too sinful to carry the bible or talk about God. When I found out that these people live in Nigeria I was wondering how my love for God and his word was more important to them than the crisis facing the nation that they should be talking about. Instead of me to get angry, I rejoiced and praised my God because I realized that the enemy cannot handle where God is taking me and the blessings that are coming my way, so he is doing all he can to push my buttons. This is my response "you are messing with the wrong person so stop wasting your time". To all those who feel ashamed or are worried about spreading the good news of Christ because of what people may say; don't let the enemy shut your mouth. Don't let him put fear or intimidation in front of you. Don't let him stop you from carrying out your assignment. Most importantly, let God fight your battles but keep spreading his word regardless. #blockoutthehaters #iamtooblessedtobestressed #Godpikin #iloveJesus #annointed #childofGod #princessinhiscourt"

Top FIFA officials arrested in Zurich this morning for collecting bribe

As FIFA leaders gathered for a meeting in the 5-star Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich this morning May 27th, Swiss law enforcement officials arrived unannounced and arrested 7 of the highest-ranking football officials in the world, at the request of the US Department of Justice. Read full story below
Seven FIFA officials were arrested in dawn raids on charges of receiving millions of US dollars in bribes. A separate criminal investigation into the how the 2018 and 2022 World Cups were allocated was also launched by Swiss authorities.
Sepp Blatter faces Prince Ali bin al-Hussein in Friday's election as he seeks a fifth term as FIFA president.
Fifa, world football's governing body, has been dogged by allegations of corruption and wrongdoing in recent years.

The latest developments are another major blow, although Fifa communications director Walter De Gregorio insisted the organisation was continuing to reform.

"This is good for Fifa," he told a news conference following news of the arrests. "It hurts, it is not easy, but it confirms we are on the right track."

The seven Fifa officials were arrested after the US Department of Justice issued a 47-count indictment charging 14 defendants with racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracies in a 24-year scheme.
"The indictment alleges corruption that is rampant, systemic and deep-rooted," said New York attorney general Loretta Lynch.
"It spans at least two generations of soccer officials who, as alleged, have abused their positions of trust to acquire millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks."
The charges allege:
  • Nine current or former Fifa officials, including Jeffrey Webb and former Fifa vice president Jack Warner, charged with corruption
  • Four individual and two corporate defendants - including former Concacaf general secretary Chuck Blazer and Warner's son Darayn plead guilty
  • Alleged scheme "fostered a culture of corruption and greed that created uneven playing field"
  • "Undisclosed and illegal payments, kickbacks and bribes became a way of doing business at Fifa" - US DOJ
  • Majority of scheme involved corruption over media and marketing rights to matches and tournaments 

Here Are the FIFA Officials Indicted on Corruption Charges of up to $100million

Jeffrey Webb: President of Concacaf, one of the six regional confederations that compose FIFA, and vice president of FIFA
Jack Warner: Former president of Concacaf and vice president of FIFA
Eugenio Figueredo: Former president of Conmebol, the South American federation, and outgoing FIFA vice president
Eduardo Li: President of Costa Rican federation, set to join FIFA executive committee this week
Julio Rocha: President of Nicaraguan association
Costas Takkas: Former president of Cayman Islands federation
Rafael Esquivel: President of Venezuelan association since 1988
José Maria Marin: Former president of Brazil’s federation
Nicolás Leoz: Former president of Conmebol and former member of FIFA executive committee
Alejandro Burzaco: Argentine sports media executive
Aaron Davidson: President of Traffic Sports USA — a promoter of soccer events — and chairman of the board of North American Soccer League
Hugo Jinkis: Soccer media executive
Mariano Jinkis: Soccer media executive
José Margulies: Charged as intermediary who facilitated illegal payments

What About Sepp Blatter?

Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA since 1998, was not charged, though the soccer officials who were indicted might present prosecutors with information that is damaging to Mr. Blatter. An election, seemingly pre-ordained to give Mr. Blatter a fifth term as president, is scheduled for Friday in Zurich. It will go on as planned, a FIFA spokesman said.

Source: BBC/New York Times  

Police arrest men who offered them N1m bribe

The Police in Niger State paraded three suspects over allegation of  offering N1 million bribe to operatives of the State’s Anti-Robbery Squad {SARS}.
The suspects, Abdulmumini Ala, Bala Abdullahi and Samuel Marafa, from Agwara Local Government Area of the state were paraded while N540,000 was also displayed by the police as part  payment  of the bribe.
 According to the police, the bribe was offered by the suspects so as to remove from the police records some firearms recovered from their relatives who were earlier arrested by SARS over robbery allegations and possession of three AK-47 rifles.

Addressing newsmen, the Police Public Relations Officer {PPRO}, Niger State command, Mr Bala Elkana, said some three-man gang of suspected trans-border armed robbers and cattle rustlers who were relatives of the suspects offering the bribe had earlier been arrested  by the operatives of SARS and were charged to court.
"We have three persons in our custody who approached SARS and offered to give  a bribe of N1 million for the  police to remove  from  the records firearms recovered from their relatives who were earlier arrested by SARS  and charged to court," he said.
 The Nigerian Tribune 

I joined robbery because I am the first child..  

The police in Lagos have arrested five suspected members of a robbery gang which unleashed terror on residents of Ijanikin area on Sunday, May 24.
One of the robbery suspects, 25-year-old Ajayi Solomon, told PUNCH Metro that he went into armed robbery because his parents were late and he needed to take care of his siblings.

Solomon, who hails from Oto-Awori, Badagry, said the gang had planned the robbery while they drank and smoked at the Egun festival. He added that he had five siblings which he took care of with the proceeds of robbery.
 “It was at the Egun festival in the Oto Awori area that we planned the operation. We drank and smoke hemp during the festival. At about 8pm, we left for the Ijanikin area. We were about 40 persons. We robbed till dawn.

“Some of the gang members entered shops, restaurants, and stores to loot property. But in the process, I was arrested by the police. It was about three weeks ago that I returned from prison. I started robbery two years ago. s
“I had no option because my parents are late and I am the first child. In 2010, I also joined a cult group in the area. I belong to the Eiye Confraternity. As a result of the death of my parents, I dropped out of school in Senior Secondary School Class 2. I tried to learn welding, but it was not successful. Then, I joined the robbery gang. I am not the leader of the gang; the name of the gang leader is simply Dollar.”

Solomon, who lived on Baale Street in the Morogbo area, added that it was a tenant who paid for his bail when he was arrested by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad sometime last year.
Apart from Solomon, the other suspects arrested are Momodu Williams, 19, Kazeem Ganiyu, 19, Seun Ariyo, 20, and Elijah Dada,19.
PUNCH Metro learnt that the gang, which is said to have about 40 members, allegedly robbed residents and commuters in Ketu, Iyana Era, Alasia, Morogbo areas and environs.

Our correspondent gathered that on the night of the fateful Sunday, the gang stormed Palace Road and Amosugboro streets in the Ijanikin area, and carted away money and valuables.
The Anti-Robbery Squad from the Ijanikin Police Division, which received a distress call, was said to have attacked the gang and apprehended five of them.

Nigerian Political Trekker Disappointed: Farmer Trekked For 5 Days Only To Meet Empty Crowd In Bauchi

farmer trekked to bauchi
May 26, 2015 – Nigerian Political Trekker Disappointed: Farmer Trekked For 5 Days Only To Meet Empty Crowd In Bauchi
This is the last move that is likely to end the trekking drama going on across the country.
Pictured here is a 35-year-old farmer, Isa Kwarawanga who left his village in Jamaare to Bauchi on foot in a bid to congratulate Bauchi Governor-elect, Abubakar.

But on reaching his destination, he met a empty crowd.
The frustration forced him to open up to a group of guys who later snapped his photos to raise the awareness online.
The trekking thing is not selling again. Hope somebody dashed him something…. Poor guy!!!LOL

Man sends thugs to pour acid on ex-wife(Photo)

One Ajayi Olatunbosun has been arrested by the police for allegedly hiring thugs to pour acid on his ex-wife, Bamidele Otakiti, in her shop on Adejobi Street in the Ajasa Command area of Lagos.
PUNCH Metro gathered that all had been well between the couple since they moved to Lagos in 2005 until a few months ago when a disagreement soured their relationship.The quarrel was said to have led to their separation in February, 2015. 
It was learnt that the suspect, prior to the divorce, had on several occasions accused Otakiti of adultery.
Our correspondent gathered that despite his discontent with the alleged act, the 47-year-old commercial motorcycle rider (okada rider) had pleaded with the woman not to divorce him.
It was learnt that Otakiti bore three children for Olatunbosun.

PUNCH Metro gathered that the two-man assailant team had come to Otakiti’s shop on April 21 at about 7.30pm, with a substance which later tested positive for acid. She was reportedly trying to give them change for some items they had bought when they poured the substance on her.
The attackers allegedly told the woman that they were sent by her ex-husband before they fled the area.
Olatunbosun, who lives on Adetoun Street, Abule-Egba, was apprehended after his alleged involvement in the incident, which was reported at the Meiran Police Station.
A police source told our correspondent that the Ifewara, Osun State, indigene initially denied the allegation, but later owned up after being thoroughly quizzed.
The source said, “He initially denied hiring the thugs. But after a comprehensive interrogation, he confessed, saying the woman had been flaunting her beauty and committing adultery. He is giving us useful information to track the fleeing suspects.”

Gov Oshiomhole on why he suspended LG chairman minutes after swearing him in(Photo)  

 Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo state shocked many when he suspended Mr. Alhassan Mohammed for two months few minutes after swearing him in as Chairman, Etsako West Local Government Area of the state.Mohammed was sworn-in as the new chairman, following the death of the former chairman of the Local Government, Alhaji Hassan Kadiri, last Friday.Immediately after swearing him in today,the governor suspended him for two months..

Speaking Tuesday at the swearing-in ceremony, the Governor said:
“I have just performed the task of swearing in the vice chairman of Etsako West Local Government as the substantive chairman of the local government following the death of the chairman, Alhaji Hassan Kadiri who passed away last week Friday.
“This afternoon I have performed a task with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I had the privilege of having to swear in a Chairman and on the other hand I am pained by the loss of someone who worked so hard for this party and who believed so much in his community but what made me even more sad is the fact that there were controversies as to what happened the very day that Hassan passed away.
“Some disgruntled elements whether they were masquerading as student union government officials or they were just touts and thugs, were hired by some persons to organise a protest that was almost turning violent such that they had to bring in the police and even the army to intervene to restore peace in the local government.”
 Oshiomhole continued,
“I was informed that the purpose of this protest was that Hassan on his sick bed should be relieved of his duties as chairman so that the vice chairman could take over his job. I do not think human beings should play God. Today, I am hale and hearty and I thank God for being here to be able to sign what I have to sign, this is not by my strength, it is only by the grace of God.
But what will become of me in the next hour I cannot say, I can only pray that I remain strong and healthy and I guess my story is the story of every human being.
“So for me, it is absolutely unacceptable that anyone will be so desperate as to instigate another to protest against a man that is bedridden and admitted in the hospital fighting for his life. Our jobs are worthless without life and all of us have our dates to depart this planet earth. So, for anyone to organise a protest against someone who is bedridden that he should be forced out of office so that another person will get promotion is unethical, and absolutely unacceptable and to publicly organise a protest against the sick making unprintable statements, disturbing the public peace and mobilizing people to do things that are capable of leading to riots with the possibility of even death, that, for me, is the height of irresponsibility and I do not think any civilized government will condone that.”
The Governor noted that,
 “Therefore in exercise of the powers vested on me as the governor of Edo State under the Local Government Amended Acts, where there are weighty allegations against Local Government Officers, I have powers to carry out a thorough investigation on those allegations because we know for a fact that to allege does not necessarily mean to prove. Allegations must be proven before further actions can be taken.
“I do not have all the facts as to whom and who are responsible for these protests but I know there was a protest that could have easily destabilized the entire local government with serious implications for community relations. However who is behind it, though we know the characters that were on the street, at least some of them, we do not know the characters behind those who were on the street. As our people say, for every bat that is dancing on the road, there is someone beating the drum in the bush nearby. It is the drummers that we now must go for.
“The name of the former vice chairman who is now the chairman has been mentioned by different persons as being responsible for financing and instigating students who are supposed to be on vacation and who are on vacation to come back and carry out those protests in order to force the resignation or the removal of the chairman that was bedridden.
“As a matter of conscience, therefore, I have decided that these allegations have to be investigated and under the Local Government Amendment Acts, while these investigations are going on, the chairman has to be suspended. I have served him his suspension letter, he stands suspended with immediate effect and I will be announcing a Commission of Enquiry that we investigate all the issues that led to that protest. Until then, depending on the findings of the Committee, the Vice Chairman that has just been sworn in will act as the Chairman of Etsako West Local Government Area in accordance with the Local Government Amended Act”.
“This will last for a period of about two months in accordance with the provisions of the law. In our culture and religion, when you have lost someone known to us, we don’t celebrate, we don’t presume, it is a moment for sober reflection, it is a moment to remind us that all of us all candidates but we do not know when our moment will come and he who laughs today might be the one to cry tomorrow, so let nobody jubilate nor should we also go rioting because someone has passed on""

SHOCKING! Group asks court to stop Buhari’s inauguration     


A group, Advocacy for Societal Rights Advancement and Development Initiative,   has instituted a fresh suit before the Federal High Court in Abuja seeking to stop the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Mahmud Mohammed, from swearing the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, on Friday.
The suit filed on Tuesday is also seeking an order nullifying the certificate of return issued to Buhari by the Independent National Electoral Commission.
The plaintiff hinged the suit on the allegation that Buhari did not qualify to contest the presidential election on the grounds that he gave false information about his academic qualification to INEC.
Between January and February 2015 there were about 10 cases instituted by various plaintiffs challenging Buhari’s eligibility to stand for the poll on the grounds of his academic qualification controversy. But after he won, the cases were withdrawn.
In the fresh suit filed by its lawyer, Mr. Philip Ekpo, the group alleged that Buhari did not meet the qualification enshrined in the 1999 Constitution and the Electoral Act to stand for the March 28, 2015 presidential election.
Buhari, INEC, the CJN are the 1st to the 3rd respondents in the suit respectively.
The plaintiff is seeking an order of interim injunction restraining the CJN “or any person acting in his capacity” from swearing in Buhari as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on May 29, 2015 or any other date thereof pending the determination of the motion on notice.
The plaintiff seeks among other orders, “A declaration that the 3rd defendant be stopped from swearing in the 1st defendant as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as the issue of perjury involving the 1st defendant has not been resolved.
“An order restraining the 3rd defendant or any person appointed for such purpose from swearing in the 1st defendant as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on May 29, 2015 or any future dates whatsoever for giving false information to the 2nd respondent on oath.
“An order annulling the Certificate of Return given to the 1st defendant by the 2nd defendant.”
The grounds canvassed by the plaintiff read, “The 1st respondent (Buhari) gave false information in the affidavit he presented to the 2nd respondent (INEC) and on the strength of which he contested and purportedly won the presidential election which was conducted by the 2nd respondent on March 28, 2015.
“The 1st respondent deposed to an affidavit dated November 24, 2014 that his West African School Leaving Certificate is in the custody of the Secretary to the Military Board.
“The Nigerian Army on January 20, 2015, said that in the personal file of the 1st respondent with the Nigerian Army, they do not have the original copy of his West African School Leaving Certificate nor does the Nigerian Army have the Certified True Copy of his WASC results neither do they have a photocopy of the said result.
“The 1st respondent has not met the qualifications enshrined in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Electoral Act, Cap E6, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2010 (as amended) to have contested the position of President of Nigeria at the 2015 general elections.
“That the authority conferred by Section 140 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) on the 3rd respondent to administer oath of office to any person who will occupy the office of the President of Nigeria cannot be exercised in respect of the 1st respondent who has not fulfilled the requirements of the same constitution and the Electoral Act as it relates to his eligibility to occupy the office of President of Nigeria.”
The case has not been assigned to any judge.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


It’s official: Saidi Balogun and Faithia Zenabu Williams are divorced, E24-7 MAGAZINE reports.
The divorce was effective as of January 17, 2014, and surprisingly to fans and friends who had wished for a comeback, the estranged couple has kept a sealed lips for the past two years.
E24-7Magazine confirmed the legal status of the troubled marriage in a document with the judgment on the divorce signed off by a judge, finalising the end of the six years old union.
The divorce trailed several years of allegations and counter-allegations of infidelity and battery between the couple which culminated in an ugly split.
The former sweethearts got married on September 7th, 2000, at the Ikorodu Marriage Registry, Lagos and were blessed with two children- a boy and a girl.
Saidi in his 40s had filed a petition seeking for a divorce in April 12, 2013, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ and maintained that Faithia had deserted him for a continuous period, over one year before 2006 when both parties have lived apart.
The You or I actor also averred in his petition that Faithia  Williams had treated him in such a way that it can no longer be reasonably expected to live with her under the same roof as husband and wife.
The famous actor therefore sought among others in his petition, the order of the court to dissolve the marriage and also to be given unfettered access to the children of the marriage.
In his judgment in the suit No: HD/132/13, Justice O.O. Atilade granted petitioner’s request and ordered that Saidi Balogun should have unrestrained access to the two children of the marriage-  Khalid Olalekan Balogun and Aaliyah Balogun- during and after school holidays, anywhere they may be  and subject to agreement  between both parties. Throughout the proceedings, none of the parties made any appearance in court.
E24-7Magazine’s checks further revealed Saidi has since remarried. His wife is  Funke  Elegushi, a younger sister to HRM Oba Saheed Elegushi, Kusenla III of Ikate land, Lagos. The union is over a year old, and they live together in their Magodo GRA, Lagos home.
While Faithia moved to Medina Estate, Gbagada, Lagos, immediately after the separation, she has been romantically linked with several men in and outside the movie industry, especially marketers, though she has vehemently denied this, especially her dalliance with Femi Adebayo.

Why I lied about my age-Halima Abubakar

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar has revealed she lied about her age earlier to fit in.The actress says she would be 30 in June,despite many thinking she is older.  She told Encomium
I will be 30 on June 12, 2015.When you say the truth, people argue. When you lie, they also argue. But I have said the truth, and I really don’t know what to do again. But when I came into Nollywood, I had to lie just to fit in because it’s an era of aunty, aunty. And I was in JSS II then. So, if people still can’t believe that I lied then just to fit in, that means they need a reality check. I am proud of my age.
But that’s the truth about my age. Or are you the one who issued me a birth certificate? I am 30 and I am proud of it.

We will not vacate Kashamu's residence - NDLEA  

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA says it will not vacate the premises of embattled Senator elect, Buruji Kashamu who is wanted for alleged drug related offences in the USA.

NDLEA said this in reaction to an order from a Federal High Court in Lagos today directing officials of the agency to vacate the premises of Kashamu. In a statement signed by its spokesperson, Mitchell Ofoyeju, NDLEA said it has not received the reported court injunction and that the siege is within the law. Read the statement after the cut...

"The NDLEA does not believe that any court will issue an order preventing a government agency from performing its statutory responsibilities in a lawful manner. The agency has therefore refused to be distracted and will continue to maintain presence at the residence. It is advisable that Kashamu respects the law by submitting himself to the due process of the law. The NDLEA wishes to reiterate that his rights like that of other citizens shall be respected and the due process of law followed in this case. The agency is prepared to further increase her public rating and goodwill in the areas of suspect handling, respect for human rights and the rule of law. We are prepared to explore all legal means in handling this case to a logical conclusion. According to official record, Kashamu has been a target of both the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for over 20 years and was further indicted by the Grand Jury in the Northern District of Illinois, United States on heroin trafficking charges” the statement read
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